Surely one of the most anticipated vehicles, the 2017 Honda Fit will certainly be a showstopper, considering its recent redesign. Even earlier variants have proved to do well and cater to large number of people. This 2017 variant’s powertrain will go through a complete makeover and the exterior look will be upgraded too. More will be revealed about this vehicle once it is unveiled in Motors shows like New York and Detroit Motor Show. Other updates about this new variant suggest that it will lose some weight on its part that will enhance overall handling abilities and fuel consumption rate. To add to that Honda will aim at providing best in class comfort and space as well. 

2017 Honda Fit front

2017 Honda Fit Exterior Interior Design

It goes without saying that 2017 Honda Fit will offer the perfect amount of comfort and appeal and every component has been designed with innovation such that the features appear to be effective and user-friendly. The new dash is an epitome of that the cabin design perfectly complements it. Interiors are very spacious and the seats are adjustable providing space for luggage accommodation.

Styling is very detailed and visually appealing. In terms of technological features this new variant offers new audio and infotainment system with touch up. Last but not the least, there has been an overall improvement in the quality of materials used. As far as this cars exterior is concerned, it will be pretty much based on the old look with new LED head lamps, sleeker grills and bumpers. Safety and anti-theft systems are up to date and fully functional.

2017 Honda Fit interior

2017 Honda Fit Engine Specs

2017 Honda Fit will be released in two variable transmission system variants. Basic engine will be an i-Vtec of 1.5 L capable of generating up to 130 HP. It will have a maximum torque of 114 lb-ft. To add to that the weight reduction will contribute towards better performance and combined with this new engine, Honda Fit will surely offer greater fuel efficiency. There are some chances that there will be some advancement in the hybrid variant which will deliver an higher power output of 150 HP. Other engine options might include a 1.3 L engine with a power output of or 130 horsepower and a torque of 100 lb-ft. All of the mentioned engines will be combined with a six speed transmission system which will be available in both automatic and manual variants.

2017 Honda Fit rear

2017 Honda Fit Release Date and Price

If we consider the present market condition we will see that the competition is fierce and no one is ready to give up. 2017 Honda fit will be offered at a reasonable price tag but that doesn’t mean it will be free from the competition. Vehicles like Chevy Sonic, Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris will provide stiff competition to this vehicle. Official release date has not been revealed yet but it is expected to be available in the showrooms by the end of 2016 or latest by early 2017. As stated earlier, the price of this vehicle will be very reasonable and it will vary between $16k to $21k depending on the variant. To sum up 2017 Honda Fit is yet another great vehicle in the range.

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