Honda Jazz has proved to be a pretty amazing car. Its popularity has increased throughout its tenure and now it intends to make its debut the European market. It is quite anticipated there and the current is suggestive ofthe fact that it will do well. This new variant, i.e., 2017 Honda Jazz will feature a lot of new redesigns and there will be some increment in its dimension. Additionally, it will be luxurious than ever before and also expected to offer better performance. Before it is made available to users it is expected to be unveiled in this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

2017 Honda Jazz front

2017 Honda Jazz Interior and Exterior Design

There is not much to do with the interiors of the 2017 Honda Jazz. Its styling is already very classy and original. To add to that it provides ample space for comfortable seating and luggage accommodation. However Honda won’t let it go without some changes therefore they have decided to redo the interiors with finer quality materials with a few technological tweaks like improvement in the navigation system, installation of an infotainment and audio system, etc. Last but not the least Honda has also implemented the magic seat design in this vehicle. This utility allows extra space for more cargo.

2017 Honda Jazz’a exterior designs are a few. They have decided to retain this car’s original look. It being a reason for its popularity. Upgrades include new wheel, headlights powered with Led and sharper grills. Engineers have managed to make the 2017 Jazz more aerodynamically efficient and that helps the car to offer steadier ride. Features like ABS and airbags are as well available in this variant.

2017 Honda Jazz interior

2017 Honda Jazz Engine Specs

Since most of its routes are limited within the periphery of cities, it is most probable that 2017 Honda Jazz will be powered with a low spec yet efficient engine. A perfect match for its purpose. It will offer smooth drives with in the desirable speed limits. It will most likely be powered with a 1.3 L gasoline engine which will provide a decent power output of 101 HP and 100 l-ft torque can be expected as well. It will be then coupled with an automatic seven speed CVT gear system.

It will offer a mileage of 33 mpg to 42 mpg depending on city roads or freeways. Manual system’s mileage will range between 29 mpg to 37 mpg. There is also some good news regarding the hybrid variant, it will deliver a higher power output of 130 horses and it will be of 1.5 L. To add to that there will be an electric motor and will be coupled with similar gear systems. To sum up this new variant will offer improved fuel efficiency and higher power output. Therefore this upgrade is quite effective and nothing more can be expected.

2017 Honda Jazz rear

2017 Honda Jazz Release Date and Price

2017 Honda Jazz will expectedly be available in markets around the world by the fall of 2016. Since it is currently in its production phase therefore nothing has been revealed yet. Updates are on their way. Competition is stiff for vehicles like Jazz and therefore Honda has decided to put an unputdownable price tag on this mutli-facility vehicle. It will be available at approximate value of $17k.

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