It has to be reported with a heavy heart the 2016 Honda Accord Euro has been officially announced to be discontinued from next year onwards. This decision was conveyed by Stephen Collins, who is the director of Honda in Australia. He stated that the reason for its discontinuation comes after the car failed to make any impact in the US soil while going on a steady decline in European markets. Once announced to offer exciting features like a beautiful exterior body that is drastically different from its predecessor, classy interior specifications and powerful engine, this model will no longer excite those who were already fans.

2016 Honda Accord Euro

2016 Honda Accord Euro Exterior and Interior Features

Since the Japanese company has still not revealed their intention of providing a replacement, it shall have to be content discussing various features of the discontinued 2016 Honda Euro. This is a mid-size sedan that would have offered an added dose of elegance over its previous version due to its redesigned body shape that is smaller in length, as well as wheelbase. This sporty car had tail lights shaped in form of arrows, larger dual exhaust tips, LED lights on both front and rear ends, and a choice of attractive colours that is sure to gather few gazes.

The 2016 Honda Accord Euro had a tremendously stylish interior features, equally accompanied by a host of comfort elements that assured easy rides every time one set foot inside. Most of the elements were made with a combination of soft and hard plastic materials while knobs and buttons were provided to control this car’s controls. Inspired by Acura TSX, the Euro offers a quality 8-speaker audio speaker, touchscreen centre console, CD stack and Bluetooth connectivity to play all your favourite songs via smart phone.

Other features include USB ports, climate control, Satellite navigation and Cruise control. There are also heated seats, dual air bad, ABS, etc. as safety features. All these features were well applauded in Australian markets; in others, not so much.

2016 Honda Accord Euro interior

2016 Honda Accord Euro Engine and Performance

Under the hood features of 2016 Honda Accord Euro were equally impressive and made to provide stellar performance balanced with quality fuel efficiency. It was fitted with a 2.4 L engine that could produce 200 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque, which is considered very good considering its a family sedan. The engine was mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox and offered with front wheel drive only. Fuel economy rates were yet to have been revealed.

2016 Honda Accord Euro rear

2016 Honda Accord Euro Release Date and Price

Due to excessively low demand in the market, 2016 Honda Accord Euro is being killed much to the disappointment of its fans in Australia and Europe. Many business analysts are also projecting that this move may not eventually work out in Honda’s favour as they still not have decided to replace the Euro with vehicles like Accord or Accord Spirior. Honda has also abandoned the 2-accord strategy that aimed at offering the aforementioned vehicles. What the future has in store? It will be only found out when the time comes and this car gets released again.

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