It is a well know fact that the competition these days in the crossover range is fierce. Each vehicle offers better specifications than the former. And being aware of this trend, the Japanese Automaker has decided to also redesign and release its older variants. A redesign would not mean that there will be a complete makeover, instead the features will be upgraded in installments in due course of time. 2017 Honda HR-V is in its production stage will soon be available in a showroom near you. 2017 will see a thorough upgrade of this vehicle and no corner will be left untouched. From engine to steering, everything will come with some upgraded features that are effective.

2017 Honda HR-V front

2017 Honda HR-V Engine Options

2017 Honda HR-V will come with some powertrain upgrades and the new engine is likely to be a four cylinder 1.8 L unit that is capable of generating a power output of 141 hp. It can produce 127 lb-ft of torque. Specs fit fine given that this vehicle is mostly used for intra city rides and do not require off road durability. Given that its light weight, this vehicle offers improved pickup and better fuel economy rates. Mentioned engine will be mated with a manual six speed CVT gear system and it will be offered in both four wheel drive and all wheel drive systems.

2017 Honda HR-V rear

2017 Honda HR-V Interior and Exterior Design

There have been lot of speculations regarding the design upgrades of 2017 Honda HR-V and some of them suggest that this new variant will derive some its design attributes from the classic Honda Fit. This vehicle has proved to be a great performer and even though there are no outright platform upgrades for any variants, there will be some modifications in the existing one. This car kind of looks like a small sized sports utility vehicle. After all it is only a smaller variant of the Honda CR-V.  In Terms of its exterior upgrades this vehicle will come with new and improved aluminum wheels, anti glare tint window and power sunroof.

As far as the interior upgrades are concerned, they are great and perfectly complement the exterior ones. Honda has combined the perfect amount of style and efficiency into this new variant’s cabin design and also upgraded it with the latest technological features like information and entertainment system, etc. Other than that the leather upholstery on the seats and the steering is magnificent. To add to that this new variant offers improved accommodation capacity and the fifth seat of this vehicle is referred as the magic seat because it is adjustable and can make room for luggage. Lastly, best in class security and protection features have been installed.

2017 Honda HR-V interior

2017 Honda HR-V Release Date and MSRP

Honda is ahead of its rivals because of the fact that it offers the best features against a very reasonable and affordable price tag. To add to that, its build quality is great too. Like other Honda vehicles, the 2017 Honda HR-V too will be available at a takeaway price of just $20,000 for the base variant. However, the official figures won’t be revealed until this new variant is released therefore we can’t be sure now. 2017 Honda HR-V will expectedly be available by the second quarter of 2016 but there have been some delays and the fourth quarter seems to be a more plausible date now.

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