One of Honda’s best-selling models in the USA is the Honda Civic. This car is manufactured in the Japanese car manufacturer’s plant. It gets upgraded on a constant basis in order compete in an extremely competitive market. For its upcoming model, the carmakers are planning a new design. It will be coming as a redesigned model which will be offered in different versions. This car will be offered in traditional, sedan and coupe versions. Even though changes brought to this model will be significant, they will not be radical. This car has been in the market since more than four decades. Originally, it was launched in 1972 and till date, there has been nine generations of this car. Current generation model was released in 2011 and a tenth generation is expected very soon. It is quite possible that 2017 model could launch tenth generation of this vehicle.

2017 Honda Civic

2017 Honda Civic Exterior and Interior Changes

Certain changes are expected in exterior appearance of 2017 Honda Civic. Apart from having a powerful drivetrain under its hood, it will have a more aggressive look. However, overall appearance will be familiar to users of Honda cars. This vehicle will be available in multiple colors, which include red maroon, light red, dark green and some other colors as well. Moreover, the car will be based on a new flexible platform of Honda, which will also be seen in models such as new CR-V and Accord.

Certain modern changes brought to this vehicle will give it an urban appearance. Both rear and front bumpers will be redesigned and new LED lights will be installed. It will be available in same trim levels like its previous models. It will be coming in alloy wheels of 15 inches, 16 inches and 17 inches in size.

Along with upgraded exterior, 2017 Honda Civic will have upgraded and aesthetic interiors. It will be spacious and comfortable and will feature a modern design. Apart from being stylish and modern, the cabin will be extremely functional. A lot of features are expected in it. This will also include certain safety features to assure safety of passengers. Other features are expected to improve driving experience.

2017 Honda Civic interior

2017 Honda Civic Engine Options

There is no official information regarding the powertrain of 2017 Honda Civic. Official information is not available yet, and it will be known only in 2016, during premier of this car. However, there are possibilities of an inline four 2.4 litre turbo engine under the hood of 2017 Honda Civic. This engine will be having a maximum power output of 205 HP. Furthermore, there are expectations of a hybrid model of this car. This hybrid model will likely run a combination of electric motor and gasoline engine. It is expected to have an average fuel economy of 28 mpg, which is quite satisfactory. All the variants will most probably be using CVT transmission.

2017 Honda Civic rear

2017 Honda Civic Price and Release Date

Honda will announce all details of this car, including price and release date, in 2016. It is expected to be launched in 2017. The price range however is still unknown.

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