Everyone’s favourite van is back in the town and this time, it is back with some amazing redesigns. We are talking about 2017 Honda Freed, one of the most popular domestic cars in the market and also an amazing performer. Honda now intends to expand this vehicle’s reach in the global market and this year it will be making way out of the periphery of the Asian market and this diverse and efficient will surely make its mark around the globe. Initially this vehicle was introduced as a replacement for the Honda Mobilio and is now available in three trims. These three trims will differ in terms of their sitting capacities and the first one will offer five, while the second one will offer seven and the third one will offer eight. There will be an overall improvement in terms of both engine and interior and exterior design of this new variant.

2017 Honda Freed

2017 Honda Freed Interior & Exterior Design

As we have stated earlier, 2017 Honda Freed will be making an international debut therefore it is likely that this vehicle will come with better advanced components and there will be an overall improvement in its build quality. Latest upgrades include new bumpers, silencers, grills, anti glare windows and a lot of new features. Interiors will be up to date and top-notch. However not many enhancements are available in terms of the exterior.

Freed will retain its classic look and it’s good.  Features like zone climate control and surround sound is available in this van. To add to that the interiors would be very spacious and will be easily able to accommodate up to 8 people along with cargo. Last but not the least, safety features like traction control, auto braking system, parking assist and airbags will be available in this car. Other than that the lightweight body of this vehicle will also contribute towards enhanced performance and fuel efficiency.

2017 Honda Freed interior

2017 Honda Freed Drivetrain

2017 Honda Freed will be offered in two gasoline variants. Namely, the G and the G aero. Both of these variants will be offered in a four-wheel drive system and the engine will be paired with a CVT 5 speed auto gear system. Basically the engines will be hybrid, gasoline variants will be combined with a motor. The new engine in all probability will be a 1.5 L one and its power output will be similar to its earlier variant. With that kind of output and the electric motor this vehicle will offer a great performance. Other than that improved fuel economy can be expected from this new variant.

2017 Honda Freed side

2017 Honda Freed Release Date & Price

2017 Honda Freed is expected to be available globally very soon. Even though we have received no official figures, it is likely that it will be released by the last quarter of 2016. As far as the price tag is concerned, it will be very nominal and totally worth. This vehicle will be offering great features at just $16.2k for the basic variant and it goes up to $22.3k for the eight seater version.  With such great features and such an affordable price tag this van will surely soar high and beat its competitors.


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