Designers and engineers at Honda were faced with a challenge. They were given a set of certain criterias and were told to turn them into dreams. They started out on their work and soon came up with the astounding result of the car which they call by the name of Crider – combined from the words of “criteria” and “Dreams”. Honda has announced the global release of their Crider in Shanghai which goes by the name of Honda Crider Concept. Honda Crider is a sedan car which has been developed primarily for the company’s Asian markets. It will be given a new designing concept which will redefine the art of sedan designing and will start a futuristic trend in designing in Honda.

Honda Crider Concept

Honda Crider Concept Exterior and Interior

Crider Concept has been designed with a new concept but draws its roots from an earlier success of Honda. At one glance, any experienced eye would recognize glimpses and a basically toned look of the Honda Concept C. The styling of Honda Crider Concept is overall aggressive. It has quite a few numbers of aggressively drawn lines running all over its body.  The body itself is well-built and is a large proportion in size which facilitates a spacious cabin and ample boot space.

Head lamps to boast a similar aggressive design and style which fits in well with the overall styling language. Tail lamps too follow a similar routine and feature a clustering design – somewhat close to a light bridge. All these lights now get a new LED lighting technology with a blue outlining powering them, thus making them much more reliable. Grille design will also see some new trimmings. This newly designed grill is adorned with chrome and comes with a flat tip.

Not much has been officially revealed by Honda regarding the interior look and feel of this brand new Honda Crider Concept. It is only being speculated that it will be luxurious and comfortably laid out as is the general case with Honda cars. Technology features are also likely to look futuristic so as to carry forward the designing language of the exterior, in the interior as well. Premium quality materials will be used in assembling and creating a well-heeled cabin which would easily provide ultimate driving pleasure.

Honda Crider Concept interior

Honda Crider Concept Engine Specs

Honda Crider Concept will be powered by a very robust engine. Under the hood, one would find a 1.8 liter VTEC petrol powered engine which would produce a meaty amount of 140 brake horsepower which will help this car to cruise comfortably. This unit will be mated to a five speed transmission which will be either automated or manual.

Honda Crider Concept rear

Honda Crider Concept Price and Competitors

Honda Crider Concept will range within $20,394-$26,669. A car such as Honda Crider would have some very formidable competitors without any question. It will be released in a segment which has some very powerful names. Among them, Citroen CL4 and Volkswagen Sagitar will be the top end one who will be close to our Crider Concept.

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