Honda is been a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing Hybrid vehicles. This Japanese Automaker has proved be very good repetitively, and is therefore once back and this time with the 2017 Honda Fit EV. This vehicle offer many upgrades but it is not just another vehicle from Honda. This is Honda’s bid to make it big in the segment and overthrow it competitors. With modern upliftments in the design and some powertrain tweaks, this hybrid variant is ready to deliver an amazing performance. Fit EV will come with an improved electric motor which when combined with the upgraded engine will yield great output and offer great performance. To sum up, this model offers it all and it is likely that it will make it to the top of the charts.

2017 Honda Fit EV front

2017 Honda Fit EV Redesign Exterior and Interior

Design up gradations for 2017 Honda Fit Ev will be pretty standardized and nothing major should be expected. Starting from new and improved Led head lights to broader rear bumpers, ost upgrades are minor and hardly noticeable. However the scenario is just opposite when it comes to this vehicle’s interior designing. Everything has been done with great detailing and style and it seems that Honda has used expensive materials to craft this new cabin.

Along with that, there will be some technological tweaks like the introduction of brand new Touchscreen User interface for climate control, infotainment and audio systems. Other than that the car will pretty much resemble its older variant. This is likely due to the fact that most of the looks have been retained owing to the market demand. Additionally there will be some added safety features like traction control, PAS, etc.

2017 Honda Fit EV interior

2017 Honda Fit EV Engine Specs

Highlight of 2017 Honda Fit Ev’s upgrade is the introduction of the new hybrid engine that is better than before. This new variant will be offered in two variants with different and unique engines. These engines will be couple with the motor to produce a hybrid unit which will then go on to combine with a six speed CVT transmission. First engine in the lineup is reserved for the base variant and it in all probabilities will be a 1.3 L i-VTEC engine that can only generate a humble output of 130 hp and produce a maximum torque of 100 lb-ft. The second one in the line is comparably stronger and is a 1.5 L engine producing up to 150 hp.

This will come with an additional seven speed gearbox option. To add to that the motor is pretty efficient too and it contributes towards producing a greater mileage. This new variant will be able to deliver up to 50 miles per gallon on highways and around 42 miles per gallon on the city lanes. This engine is pretty efficient and eco-friendly.

2017 Honda Fit EV rear

2017 Honda Fit EV Price and Release Date

The thing about Honda that makes it such a successful auto giant is that it understands what the market demands; and offers it for the most nominal rate. Likewise 2017 Honda Fit Ev will too be available at an unbelievably low price tag of $16k. Nevertheless, there has been no upgrades regarding the availability details of this car but it will most likely be available by the third quarter of next year.

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