The 2017 version of CR-Z will be Honda’s desperate attempt to revive its market. Even though it has a fairly large consumer base but in past it was left behind by other automobile giants. It falls under the category of Compact sport vehicle. It is a hybrid car with which combines electric motor and a gasoline engine. It comes in 2+2 seating arrangement as well as a 2 person seating arrangement (especially in North America). It recent time there has not been any significant rise in sales but with 2017 Honda CR-Z the company is looking to establish a strong foothold in the market. The concept which has been released by Honda, shows a stunning design a will most probably come with Honda’s trademark VTEC variable valve timing technology.

2017 Honda CR-Z front

2017 Honda CR-Z Design and Outlook

2017 Honda CR-Z looks are absolutely striking. It can be described as an ultra modern sports car look with aggressive design, sharp corners and low suspension. The front portion is uniquely designed with a large trapezoidal mesh like grille structure. On top of the grille there is a chrome strip with company logo on centre of it. Sleek rectangular headlights on both sides have a unique interior design. There would also be significant designing changes in rear section. As for Interior design, it would comprise all the latest gadgets and accessories one would expect, even in the base model. There would be a GPS system with state of the art satellite navigation as well as multiple drivers’ assistance accessories.

Honda never finishes off production with giving a mark of intelligence. By installing advanced technological gadgets, etc inside that mark has been given. Some technological stuffs present are- excellent navigation system, upgraded infotainment system, radio, branded sound unit, Bluetooth connect, USB sport, centre console well within driver’s reach, etc.

2017 Honda CR-Z interior

2017 Honda CR-Z Drivetrain

2017 Honda CR-Z being an all in out sports car model gets completely dependent upon its drivetrain. Since without a very powerful engine variant, this model may lose that sports vehicle image. All new CR-Z comes along Type-R one in order to carry on such a segment. Out of many significant changes, engine system related changes are something to be interested in.

Such an engine can produce around 286 hp and standard amount of torque. A plug-in hybrid model isn’t far from ready. It will include a 1.5 litre gasoline based unit with an electric motor. Both these options may get mated with 8 speed transmission system. Expecting sports machine to be very economic isn’t right, still it provides average mileage rate of 34 mpg on both highways as well as city streets.

2017 Honda CR-Z rear

2017 Honda CR-Z Price and Release Date

Nothing has been announced officially by Honda about 2017 Honda CR-Z price range as well as actual release date. Car researchers have figured out that it may cost around $21,000 or more. Next year you may see it at your nearby auto markets!

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