Sedans have been one of the most preferred, most respectable and most luxurious varieties of cars in the market. They demand an automatic respect from admirers and customers. Japanese automobile manufacturing giants, Honda, are well known for their capabilities when it comes to putting together a sedan and as proof, they have been on top of this category for a lot of time and have also produced some fine cars during this period. One of these awesome Honda cars is the Honda Civic, which is going to be released in a brand new variant called 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan. This new Civic is well designed and will please fans of Honda as well as new members of Honda car buyers’ family. This 2017 Civic Si Sedan is in its tenth generation of production and Honda has wisely upgraded features and specs in order to meet demands and please customers. All these new and improved features are further being discussed in detail.

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan Exterior and Interior

This latest 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan has a very new and never before seen type external design. To being with, it has its tail lamps, showing off a new look, which is being called the wrap around tail lamp designing. It gives a new look to the rear end and makes it very unique from other competitive sedans. This car has five doors which open up wide in order to accommodate people and luggage. Brand new bumpers have been provided for both front and rear ends which gives a shine and radiance to its beauty. Head lamps have also been designed accordingly with double decks and both head lamps and tail lamps come powered with latest LED lighting technology.

Wheel sizes vary from fifteen inches wide to seventeen inches wide according to trim level. Grille has been redesigned to carry a heavier and sharper look and has been placed a bit higher. Weight reduction has been significant due to the use of military grade aluminium panels in the construction of body.

Honda is among the best interior providers in the car market and is known to provide comfortable and premium interior which can match Audis and Mercedes, yet at a lesser price. The case remains same with this 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan. This brand new sedan gets two rows of seating arrangement. Luggage space has been enlarged to a large extent. Also, additional luggage can be accommodated by folding in the second row of seats. A stunning interior is reflected by the kind of steering wheel that has been provided. Instruments cluster has also received a new and improved look with a 4.7” touchscreen. The cabin features a lot of stylish angular lines. Safety features have also been improved to keep up with the latest norms.

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan interior

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan Engine Specs

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan is expected to have a 2.0 L turbocharged inline-4 Type-R engine with a fuel efficient MDQ system. It will produce 158 HP and has a mileage of 31/41 mpg on city/highway. Transmission of choice will be a 6-speed gearbox.

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan rear

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan Release Date and Price

2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan will range within $20,000-$27,000 and will be available by early-2017.


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