The Honda Accord Type S is Japanese company’s answer to its rival- The Mondeo. What sets apart this vehicle from the rest is its cost effectiveness when it comes to fuel economy, and its long term performance that is hard to match up to. It offers a capable engine, utilizing latest technology of today, which can power this vehicle through extreme type of situations. This model is also visually impressive as Honda were always known to be pioneers when it comes to visual aesthetics. Taking it to a different level, the interior of this car is also worth of discussion as it hosts a complete range of features and equipments good enough for comfortable rides.

Honda Accord Type S front

Honda Accord Type S Engine and Performance

The Honda Accord Type S is fitted with a tweaked version of a 2.4 L turbo diesel engine, which is contrary to popular expectations of a VTEC powertrain that found its way in the earlier version. This unit will produce a maximum of 189 hp. Coming to performance, the Type S has recorded to hit a top speed of 137 mph while going from 0-60 miles in just 8.8 seconds. Fuel consumption is recorded to be an average of 35 mpg on combined driving sessions.

Honda Accord Type S rear

Honda Accord Type S Interior and Exterior Features

Honda breaks away from its traditional Japanese style and offers a brand new interior layout in this release. Honda Accord Type S is a comfortable vehicle that owns up to its reputation and provides classy furnishing that is no less than worth being considered as luxury. Even though the switchgear layout is quite scattered, its main gearbox is very responsive to movement while the steering wheel weighs exactly how much is considered optimum.

Cabin space is quite large to comfortably seat all its passengers while still having some place left to fit in some cargo. No doubt this vehicle is one of the best of its generation.

First thing that took us by surprise is this car’s body construction, which has primarily been made of aluminium. As a result, the Honda Accord Type S has gained more leverage than many of its competitors to gain performance along with fuel economy. One of the reasons as to why this model achieved popular status is because of its elegant built that comes off as attractive to people of all generations. With the Honda logo proudly placed in the middle of its grille, this car sets out to ride in style forcing others to take notice.

Honda Accord Type S interior

Honda Accord Type S Price and Release Date

Ride quality of Honda Accord Type S is good; but could have been better. While everything goes out smoothly on highways, city streets bring a challenge of their own with bumpy roads, oven potholes and intentional speed breakers. This is where the car’s interior components try and save the day, and even succeeds to a large extent. There is a 65-L tank that can store enough fuel to last this car over 600 miles of journey at a go. Price has been fixed at $35,000.

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