Compact estate cars are a budding wing in the modern car market which is under constant scrutiny by buyers looking for spacious cars which have a bit of weekend thrills added to them as a side dish. This wing has recently showed us some really good cars which are capable of delivering at peak conditions. Some familiar names in the automobile industry have taken up a good amount of interest and have made these awesome cars a reality. One of them is Japanese automobile giants Honda. Honda has quite a few representatives here but the one which is the most popular is the estate version of popular car, Civic, also known as, Honda Civic Tourer wagon.

Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic Tourer Changes

  • Quite a respectable amount of boot and luggage storage area.
  • Rear seats with folding facility which can facilitate easy storage of extra amount of luggage by being able to fold up and free space.
  • Powerful and strong engine under the hood which also keeps fuel economy as a top priority.
  • Falls a little below standards of Honda when it comes to interior designing.
  • Refinement is lacking. This compact estate comes with too many buttons for controlling features which otherwise could have been simplified to much less.
  • A bit highly priced as compared to its competitors in the market which may throw buyers off the sent.

Honda Civic Tourer Exterior and Interior

Yes, Civic Tourer is a bit expensive than its rivals but the extra cost is totally justified as this estate has a very good diesel engine which emits lower amounts of carbon dioxide as compared to its counter parts which helps in reducing the rate of pollution. Good engine demands good care thus subsequently servicing costs are also comparatively higher.

Honda Civic Tourer has a pretty good dash board that feels nice to touch Overall built quality is solid and this car is a tough one to beat. Although feeble plastics at knee level may look unconvincing but Honda has an unmatched reliability record with their Civic Tourer, which may prove to be convincing enough. Audio playing systems provide entertainment and come with DAB stereo and Bluetooth. It also has dual zone climate control and cruise control systems which makes riding comfortable.

Civic Tourer is abound in safety features like airbags, anti-whiplash seats, stability control, collision prevention mechanism, blind spot monitoring system, lane changing warning systems and proximity monitoring systems. It also contains loads of other small features which help to make the ride a safe one. Alarm, central locking and other such features will prevent theft of this expensive car. This grand compact estate runs on quite reasonably big sixteen inch wheels which comes equipped with traction control. Satellite navigation has also been provided.

Honda Civic Tourer interior

Honda Civic Tourer Engine Specs

Honda Civic Tourer will run on a 1.6 litre DTEC SE PLUS 5dr diesel engine that has a power production capacity of 174 HP. It provides accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 10.10 seconds. CO2 production is 99g/km. Also on offer will be the engine capacity of 1.8 liters

Honda Civic Tourer rear

Honda Civic Tourer Price

Honda Civic Tourer will range within $27,500.

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