The Acura TLX GT is a straight up race car that was released recently among much joy and expectations. In the racing circuit, Acura enjoys a magnificent reputation for being one of the top contenders with their superb lineup of models that overshadow one another in every other way. This time, the company has ensured that racers and car enthusiasts get their fix for adrenaline with an increasing high performing engine configuration, superb aerodynamic body design, and comfortable interior to hold two passengers working in coordination to excel at every sports event. Let’s not wait any further and check out what impressive features are in store for racers.

Acura TLX GT

Acura TLX GT Engine Details and Performance

Being a racing vehicle of such high calibre, the Acura TLX GT is not offered for sale to the general public. It is only sold to racing teams that hold a reputation of being winners in few racing events. Under the bonnet, there is a 3.5 L twin-turbo engine that can produce a maximum of whopping 600 hp. This sedan is offered in both FWD and AWD. Needless to go into specifics, this car will offer stellar competition with the likes of McLaren, Mercedes, etc. The engine and other power components have been specifically approved by the upcoming Pirelli World Championship.

Acura TLX GT side

Acura TLX GT Exterior and Interior Features

Acura TLX GT has a sporty exterior made of robust materials that will withstand every weather type and also offer maximum protection to drivers, in case of any mishap. Over its predecessor, this model has gained in length and is now 3.8 inches longer. Lights are equipped with LED, bumpers have been revised, grille features a new touch and overall vehicular weight has reduced to give a boost of power. The Racing teams will know exactly that are its features that make the TLX GT so admirable.

Interior looks of racing vehicles are drastically different from its consumer counterparts, making them desirable for that specific purpose. The Acura TLX GT is a 2-seater that offers a host of driving aids and safety features, which will serve the quintessential needs of its riders. In the racing track, there is no mercy for those who lag behind; neither is there any scope for error that doesn’t result in a disaster.

Acura has taken utmost care to prepare this model with multiple seat belts, safety air bags and other safety features like road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, ABS, tire pressure monitoring and blind spot assist that enables its driver to take leaner curves with efficiency.

Acura TLX GT interior

Acura TLX GT Price and Competitors

This sedan will that will compete with Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s, Addis and Porches, will be available to racing teams at a price somewhere around $300,000. Thus, you can well understand that Acura TLX GT is no joke. Its first iteration hit the market at a price of $30,000 and over the years; have arrived at a stage where it out runs many of its rivals due to its exceptional features. For more news stay tuned to this section.

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