The upcoming Honda Accord Tourer is now on its concept phase and is being planned to be released in the near future. Even though no expected range of delivery dates have been provided yet, it is almost certain that the company would want to release this model sooner, rather than later. What may look like same design from the outside actually contains a lot of minor enhancements that offer a fresh perspective on close inspection. Changes are likely to take place in its interior as well as powertrain department to make it more powerful than before.

Honda Accord Tourer front

Honda Accord Tourer Interior and Exterior Features

Moving inside of Honda Accord Tourer, you will find an impressive dashboard layout aided by a large number of knobs and switches used to control various functions. To increase comfort factor, this model comes with comfortable seats offering leather on higher trim levels. Even though it has a slightly larger cabin space, most of it is taken up by passengers leaving very little to accommodate that additional bit of cargo. This is one aspect where this vehicle falls short of its rivals.

Basic models do not have features like Bluetooth, wipers or automatic lighting themes that are found on upper trim levels. EX models that represent the upper echelon is jam packed with technological features like parking sensors, auto indicator and safety airbags for all passengers.

The Honda Accord Tourer is a solid family vehicle, offering both looks and performance to have become one of Honda’s best selling models. Sporting a glossy blue shade, this vehicle comes with sleeker headlights equipped with LED, arching grille shape, and a slanting back side to make for changes to its outer body. While we would have liked changes to its bumpers along with air intakes, this is what we have to make due for now.

Honda Accord Tourer interior

Honda Accord Tourer Under the Hood

This is the aspect where Honda Accord Tourer truly shines as it gives you three attractive choices of engines. They are following:

  • 2.2-litre i-DTEC diesel engine offering a maximum of 155 hp.
  • 2.4-litre i-VTEC petrol unit generating around 148 hp.

These engines will be paired with a 6-speed standard gearbox while higher performing engine variants will offer a 5-speed automatic alternative. Riding this vehicle is a treat itself as it offers steady curves and swift response to actions. Fuel economy rates have not yet been revealed but we do expect to know further in coming times.

Honda Accord Tourer rear

Honda Accord Tourer Price

The Honda Accord Tourer has been designed to compete with the likes of Audi A4 Avant, BMW 3 Series Touring, etc. You can be the judge how this car fares with those models once it releases. Needless to mention, Honda has taken utmost care to ensure this car lives up to expectations, not just by performance but also price. Statements regarding price have not been made available yet but we are sure it will cost something along the lines of its previous version that was between $24,000 to $35,000.

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