Honda Ballade is often interchangeably referred to as the Honda Civic, or it was done so until its competitors outgrew it in size reducing it to be a B-class Sedan and not C-class, which is a crown now worn by the Civic. Ballade has however been an important possession for SA, a car that packs style, duty and durability and has been serving the world market for years now. Let us have a more detailed look into the features of Honda Ballade.

Honda Ballade front

Honda Ballade Exterior and Interior Changes

The car’s name came from the French word ‘Ballade’ and it is just as graceful as its name suggest. The car has always been a favorite among the younger crowd and it’s a major line for Honda, having satisfied global consumers since late 20th Century. With time, however, the designing and body language of this car has undergone several up gradations.

At present, its body is small and efficient and its appearance is magnetic. Honda Ballade ’s front end have bumper and grille perfectly styled to complement its design, the hood adds power to this look and rear end gives this car an ultimate trademark Honda touch. It has got 16 inch alloy wheels that fit in nicely with its overall visual aesthetics. Last upgraded during 2014-2015 session, this B-class sedan is pretty likeable.

While there is enough space inside the cabin, Honda Ballade might not live up to expectations in terms of its luxury quotient. While Honda products are known to set their standards quite high with use of classic upholstery, Ballade falls low on this ground. Though it is nothing too rustic and maintains a certain standard, some users might not find it entirely satisfactory.

Infotainment features are standard but then again, they could have been better. There is a sound system which is tolerable and there are also features like Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth connectivity, navigation system, USB connectivity and air conditioning. It’s not that the car is too substandard to be labeled as a Honda product, but just that its interior could have been better planned. Apart from this one minor drawback, this sedan is absolutely desirable.

Honda Ballade interior

Honda Ballade Powertrain

Honda Ballade runs on a petrol engine which happens to be a 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine. This engine has a caliber of producing a drive of 88 kW and a torque of 145 Nm. The engine has a capacity to reach a 60 mph in about 9.5 seconds. It is mated with five speed transmission and offers a decent combined mileage. This isn’t a car for those who desire beastly power but it’s got moderate capacity. Best feature of this sedan is its safety and stability. This is one of the safest cars produced by this manufacturer and comes with great durability and long time performance.

Honda Ballade rear

Honda Ballade Price and Release Date

Price of Ballade is not too high and for base version, it revolves around $20,000. If one wishes to further customize or go for higher trims, prices for this car will also keep increasing. However, to stay at par with its rival, it never crosses a certain price range.

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