Japanese Automobile giant Honda, have worked significantly in the field of compact sports vehicle with Hybrid engine system. Honda CR-Z HPD was a breakthrough design, when it was released back in 2010. It combines a Gasoline engine along with an electric motor. It comes with 2+2 seating arrangement, even though in the North American version rear seats are missing. Assembly takes place in Suzuki, Japan. Sales are significantly high in North America and Europe. But recently sales have grown significantly in various Asian (Especially South Asian) countries. Even though sales have been increasing significantly but still Honda needs to improve significantly on their existing models if they want to compete with their European Counter parts.

Honda CR-Z HPD

Honda CR-Z HPD Design and Safety

Honda always comes up with exquisite and unique design for their cars. And since Honda CR-Z HPD is a compact sports car, you can be assured that imaginations did run wild on this one. This time around though along with the aggressive look there is a touch of elegance to this vehicle. A big trapezoidal mesh grille structure sits in front with three metallic strips on top of it. LED headlights are quite sharp and extend towards the rear section.

Safety is very important in car. So, on the interior it is quite compact but has sufficient leg space and head space. It also scores highly on safety department with multiple airbag protection system, traction control, and Anti Brake locking system.  Honda once again gets its chance to show case technological skills. Here are some exciting accessories, gadgets, etc presented inside the car- excellent infotainment system, upgraded navigation system, branded audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, 4 wheel ABS controls, 8 power packing bag packs, seat belts, car parking assistance, Wi-Fi hotspot, central console,  etc.

Honda CR-Z HPD rear

Honda CR-Z HPD Engine Unit

Honda CR-Z HPD being type of sports compact electrically hybrid car, obviously indicates that under its hood a plug-in hybrid drivetrain will be installed. This car represents sport hybrid coupe so engine’s power will become most vital, rather than performance or fuel consumption. Its drivetrain consists of a 1.5 litre Inline 4 engine system along with a 15 kW electric motor. Such an engine variant can generate about 130 hp and nearly 140 lb-ft torque. This whole unit gets mated with manual 6 speed transmission system or CVT.

CR-Z HPD can accelerate from 0 – 100 km/hr in just 7.5 sec. Both power as well as performance seems to be adequate. Now adding to these good specs, its average mileage rate on city streets is around 24 mpg and 30 mpg on highways. 2.0 litres extra fuel may be possibly stored. Both wheel drive as well as front wheel drive type options may exist.

Honda CR-Z HPD engine

Honda CR-Z HPD Price and Release Date

Even though nothing has been officially said by Honda about price of the Honda CR-Z HPD, experts believe it to have a starting price around $21,000 which increases with further modifications. The company reported that very soon it will be released all around.

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