If you are looking for a very worthy handful and nice hybrid car to stock up in your garage then fear not, because Japanese automobile giants Honda have ushered a new era in hybrid automobile engineering. Honda Civic is a very popular car and has generated a lot of buzz among car buyers. What is more exciting is the fact that Honda has decided to make things go more sensational as they have announced a new hybrid version of Civic in the form of 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid which is going to be much more compatible and eco-friendly vehicle as compared to the regular breed. Having all regular features of Honda Civic, it gains an upper hand over the regular version by going green.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Exterior and Interior Redesigned Look

Few cars would boast of a very healthy as well as stylish look as a Honda Civic. This latest hybrid version of 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid would come out with the conventional sedan design which has been the familiar look for all Civic instalments from Honda. This puts this new hybrid 2017 Civic in the league of some of the most elite consumer sedan cars in the market. Although nothing much has yet been revealed for public information, some predictions can be made for sure. The exterior may resemble somewhat of Type R breed.

It will be designed aerodynamically so as to make driving and handling easier. Grille design may be enhanced to make it better. Hood design will be powerfully built with pointed and protruding head lamps to match the language of this new design. Rear end is reported to be higher in placement as compared to front end to give the body of this hybrid car a new predator like look and stance.

Honda has been consistently providing wonderful interior design to each and every car that it is bringing, which does not fail to impress critics. The case is just the same for this brand new modern age 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid. This hybrid car is as good as its regular counterpart in case of cabin design as well. Cabin is reported to be full of premium quality materials to begin with. Seats will come wrapped in top quality leather upholstery which will make them a very comfortable sitting place. Dash board will be having quality feel covering it. It will also be housing a touch screen panel which will be the central hub of the car’s infotainment system. Steering mounted controls will be provided for easy controlling and high efficiency.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid interior

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Engine Power

Hybrid engine is up for grab in this new 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid which will generate low pollution and will also have higher mileage. Under the hood, one will probably find a 2.0 litre turbo charged unit with four cylinders Earth Dreams Engine. Power output from this unit will likely be around 158 HP. Fuel economy is yet to be tested but high fuel efficiency is guaranteed. Transmission to be provided is still unknown.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid rear

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Price Tag and Release Date

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid will range within $19,400-$29,000 and will hit markets in 3rd quarter of 2016.

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