Japanese automobile giants, Honda, are back with their Civic’s new avatar. This new avatar has taken the form of a hatch back and is called the Honda Civic 5DR. It is arguably the smartest looking hatch back in the market yet and has been beautifully constructed by robotic hands at assembly line of Honda. It has reached a high level of technical sophistication in this avatar in particular and if full of necessary useful equipment. No wonder it is being compared to the very top placed named in its class.

This hatchback stuffs five doors yet has the sportiness and dynamic look and feel as if it had only four doors. Thus goes its name, Civic 5DR. this car has been designed without any specific attention to a specific class of customers. Thus it successfully delivers satisfaction to all classes of buyers equally and stores something for everyone.

Honda Civic 5DR front

Honda Civic 5DR Design

Honda Civic 5DR has the ability to cruise with astounding stability on open roads. It has a strong grip on the road and thus offers awesome control when bending on roads. This is due to excellent physics behind the construction of the body as well as wise modification of platform. Wheel design too has an important role to play. Along with strong grip, it also actively cancels out rolling of the body which can be a very tedious and nauseous affair while driving.

This does comes with some drawbacks too. Among them, steering wheel has been reported to be very vague and unresponsive and also too much light. Comfort, one of the corner stone for almost all Honda products, is lacking in true sense too. Ride quality is somewhat a bit unsettled. Diesel engine variants have lesser visible drawbacks than petrol versions.

Honda Civic 5DR interior


Honda Civic 5DR Engine Options

Honda Civic 5DR will be provided with 3 engine options:

  • A 1.4L i-VTEC petrol.
  • A 1.8L i-VTEC petrol.
  • A 2.2L i-VTEC diesel.

Fine-tuning and Elegance:

Noise generation has reached a fairly sustainable amount, which is sometimes necessary in order to gain a feel of driving. Noise is generated in fair amounts across all speeds and almost over all types of road surfaces. Petrol engines in general generate higher amounts of noise as compared to diesel variant which is pretty smooth. Smoothness of diesel variant is especially prominent at higher revs.

Built Quality and Reliability

The name “Honda” is sufficient to define a car’s reliable nature and can be trusted without any doubt. After sale service of Honda is least likely to let you down. Quality of built is generally pretty high and good. Dash board design is dense and feels soft and velvet-like to touch especially in the upper part. The quality of plastics used down at knee level may seem to be a bit of lower standards and weak and flimsy, beyond the buyers expectations, overall built quality is pretty tough and solid.

Honda Civic 5DR comes equipped with stability control. It has six airbags and anti-whiplash head rests on the seats to protect its passengers during collision. It also has pedestrian protection mechanism, blind spot monitoring system and lane changing systems. It has also passed the Euro NCAP crash test.

Honda Civic 5DR rear

Honda Civic 5DR Price

Honda Civic 5DR will be starting from $18,000.

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