The 2017 Honda Accord PHEV is one of the most awaited hybrid cars from the Japanese automaker. This sedan is set to offer you remarkable features that are equally complimented by top-notch performance stats, which will put other hybrids to shame. Changes have taken place on its exterior body as it has attained a more streamline approach to optimize fuel efficiency and performance. Previously having competed with cars like Ford Taurus and Nissan Altima, this vehicle had earned itself a loyal fan following who were basically car enthusiasts with a zeal for environment protection. Even though not much of details have been revealed by Honda, there are some that are worth discussing.

2017 Honda Accord PHEV front

2017 Honda Accord PHEV Engine and Performance

Under the bonnet of this super model 2017 Honda Accord PHEV offers a stellar powertrain that is characterized by i-VTEC 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine aided by a 124 kW electric motor. This unit will be able to produce a maximum of 138 hp and go up to 13 miles just barely surviving on electric charge, which is supported by a 6.7 kWh Li-Ion battery. Coming to performance, the upcoming Accord PHEV will offer slightly better fuel economy than its predecessor by clocking 47 mpg on city drive and 52 mpg on highways.

It is advised that the driver makes use entire electric power before switching to hybrid mode. In the city, you will not be contributing to ever growing pollution by using electric mode to drive around. This car comes with a 240 V charger than allows it to accept charger twice as fast as the old model.

2017 Honda Accord PHEV rear

2017 Honda Accord PHEV Features, Design and Specs

The upcoming 2017 Honda Accord PHEV will be 3.5 inches shorter than its previous version but provide no less interior space due to redesigned seating arrangements. On the outside, you will find a modified grille shape, LED headlights and redesigned bumpers to add aggressiveness to its overall appeal. If this car turns out to weigh lesser, you can certainly assume that it has contributed to much of this vehicle’s increased performance. Other changes will be notified to you as we get nearer to release date. So, stay tuned in this section for more information.

As people have generally come to expect, the interior of 2017 Honda Accord PHEV will be no less than a luxurious feast. Leather studded seats will be offered on demand along with other technology features like Satellite Navigation, Lane departure warning, Safety airbags, etc. Like discussed before, it will also have a bigger cabin space to accommodate all the passengers comfortably. A brand new centre console, revised dashboard and chrome accents are some additional features that make this model well worth of purchase.

2017 Honda Accord PHEV interior

2017 Honda Accord PHEV Price and Date of Release

The Japanese company has remained tight-lipped about release date of 2017 Honda Accord PHEV, the reason being which we doubt that they still have miles to go before production process in completed. Expect this model to be fully launched at next year’s Chicago Auto Show. Price will most probably revealed then.

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