One thing that you can be sure about Honda is that they will always surprise you. And with the release of 2018 Honda FCX they are looking to do just that. The Honda FCX is a set of hydrogen fuel cell automobiles. The Japanese automobile giants have made quite progress in the field of Eco-friendly vehicles. Over the last decade there has been various modification to the car and it recent versions, it has become much more than just a utility vehicle. The 2018 Honda FCX Concept which was recently released has started creating a huge demand the market even though there is a long time before it is actually released in the market. Several modifications to the vehicle are absolute necessary if Honda wants to compete in this ever expand market.

2018 Honda FCX Concept

2018 Honda FCX Concept Design and Outlook

The 2018 Honda FCX Concept has a pretty unique outlook. It has many similarities to Honda’s sedan vehicles but it doesn’t typically look like a Sedan. The hood in front is pretty small with a small rectangular grille with metallic strips. Company logo sits in centre of the Grille. Headlights would be quite similar to previous versions with elongated shape. Body shape of the vehicle remains quite similar but it would surely increase in dimensions, which also suggests that there would be light weight alloys such as aluminium and carbon fibre would be used in large quantities. Not much detail about interior design has yet been released.

Honda once again shows off its technological supremacy through advanced gadgets, accessories, etc inside 2018 Honda FCX Concept. Here is few examples navigation system, infotainment system, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, sun or moon roof, car parking assistance, climate control, traction control, stability control, etc.

2018 Honda FCX Concept interior

2018 Honda FCX Concept Powertrain

Designing an engine system for a sedan class car is quite challenging as one has to ensure that the unit has the correct combination of power, performance and fuel economy. Honda ensures that 2018 Honda FCX Concept will surely deliver on these three vital aspects surely. It consist a 1.2 litre dual turbo charged dual direct injection which can produce nearly 138 hp and about 189 lb-ft of maximum torque.

Total outputting power sums up to 100 kW. The most special feature of this drivetrain is that compressed hydrogen gas becomes its fuel which makes things quite amazing. This engine system gets mated with 6 speed auto or manual transmission system. On city streets the average mileage of this car is 32 mpg. whereas on highways it becomes 37 mpg. So overall, FCX’s powertrain seems quite excellent and efficient.

2018 Honda FCX Concept rear

2018 Honda FCX Concept Price and Launch Date

After many speculations as well as rumours gathering around regarding price structure of 2018 Honda FCX Concept. Experts suggest that it may have starting or base priced in-between $22,000 to $ 25,000. For more modified versions price range may raise up to $ 35,000. Stiff competition will be offered by some vehicles such as Honda Fit EV, Suzuki iM-4, Toyota Land Cruiser, etc. Before 2018’s start, this model will get launched all around.

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