The Acura Precision was first introduced at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show as a concept design. The concept model caught a lot of attention and set people talking about how the Precision could be the one car that resuscitates a brand that was slowly falling into obscurity. This four-door sedan challenges the idea of what a conventional sedan should look like.

Acura Precision

Acura Precision Unique Feature

The Acura Precision is a sharply hewn four-door sedan featuring a large, blocky rear. The profile features deeply sculpted sides, a low stance, and imposing 22- inch wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires with rear wheel arches. It comes with new diamond pentagon shaped grille and has jeweled LED headlights and LED taillights. This is a sedan that looks like a sports car but it is too big and too blocky to be a sports car but it looks more unique. There is a lot that is going on the exterior different surfaces meshing together in an unconventional way like the large door rocker panels that flow into the side sills, the rear break lights that connect with the rear window.

The shift towards this radical design might have something to do with past perception that people had about Acura Sedans being boring. There is definitely nothing boring about the exterior design of the Acura Precession. It is a car that is designed to turn heads. According the Acura Precision design team, the aim was to come up with a car that expressed “precision craftsmanship that enhances performance”. The outside suggests that there is more to the car than meets the eye. If Acura designers went to such lengths to design the exterior, the interior must be something out of this world.

The interior is just as magnificent looking as the exterior. The cabin has a double layered instrument panel, unusual looking seats that appear to be floating, hand-crafted wooden speaker grilles. The inside will be fitted with a sport steering wheel with paddle control buttons and access the many dynamic control features. The tech features in this car include a wide curved center screen operated by a floating touchpad. Acura has developed a digital human machine interface, which is capable of recognizing occupants. It is also good at loading personalized features like maps, audio preferences and performance settings.

Acura Precision interior

Acura Precision Under the Hood

There is still little information on the Acura Precision’s drivetrain. Ii is expected to be just as impressive by with a hood as long as the one on the Acura, there is a lot they fit like a bigger engine or something resembling the 3.5-liter direct-injected V-6 engine found in the RLX which gives 310 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque. It could also have some sort of V6 or V8 engine, which can generate as much as 500hp. The car is also expected to have a quick-shifting dual clutch transmission. Until there is an official announcement on the drivetrain of the Acura Precision, all we can do is speculate.

Acura Precision rear

Acura Precision Release Date and Price

This car looks so good, a lot of people fear it would remain a concept car, don’t expect to see this car in any car dealership. The Manufacturer has stated that the car was crafted to challenge designs to look at the future design of Acura. It has piqued a lot of interest.

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