The new 2018 Honda Pilot is a big SUV and is the largest of its type that is offered by Honda. It is predicted that this vehicle will help the company with the improvements it offers and boasts. The vehicle still keeps its overall boxy shape but this will not limit or hinder this vehicle from being a reliable automobile for day to day chores and errands. This vehicle is designed to offer only the best in comfort and driving experience.

2018 Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot Unique Feature

The interior of the new 2018 Honda Pilot is spacious and provides three rows of seats that will comfortably seat eight people. The interior of the SUV host the usual array of features that have become an integral part of any newly manufactured automobile. The luggage space of the vehicle should also be enough for any family. The seats of the vehicle can be folded and they are upholstered with the highest quality material. Some of the features boasted by this vehicle includes the eight inches LCD embedded in the dashboard with spot indicators connected to an integrated camera system. There is a good audio system installed and buyers get the option to choose the leather casing their seats.

The exterior of the new 2018 Honda Pilot has and elegant appearance with just the hint of sporty design. The exterior redesigns have not been much but this take nothing away for the gorgeous appearance and design of the SUV. The vehicle sits wider than its predecessors. The headlights of the vehicle is one aspect that has been redesigned along with the rolling door, the rear and headlights the wheel trim and the side mirrors. The design of the headlights gives the car a sporty feel along with the height at which it sits from the ground.

2018 Honda Pilot interior

2018 Honda Pilot Powerful Engine and Performance

Beneath the hood of the new 2018 Honda Pilot sits some very interesting options. The engine system of the vehicle will be the same for the five types of this vehicle. Each individual engine system will be modified to suite each individual type of this vehicle. The base engine system is a 3.5 liter engine that will be capable of producing a power of up to 280 horse power and a torque of 262 pounds per feet. The engine is mated with the option of either a six speed automatic transmission or a nine speed transmission. The body design and weight of this vehicle will contribute vastly to the fuel to mileage rating of the SUV. This will ensure you won’t spend a lot in terms of fuel purchase.

2018 Honda Pilot rear

2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

The release date of the vehicle is not yet available. The manufacturers of the 2018 Honda Pilot has yet to release any official information concerning the release date of the new vehicle. Speculations are that the automobile will be ready for the market by the ending of the year 2017. There has been no official release of information on the price the vehicle will make its debut with, but estimation puts the vehicle in the price range of approximately $33,000. This is a vehicle you will be proud to drive and even prouder to own.


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