The new 2018 Honda CRV is a vehicle that has been transformed from a hybrid powered vehicle to a four-cylinder gasoline powered engine system. The previous model of this vehicle was a hybrid vehicle and it amazes many as to why Honda would revert to an engine system like this one. The vehicle is probably one of the best looking vehicle in it class and type. The vehicle is designed look somewhat aggressive but smooth and very sleek.

2018 Honda CRV

2018 Honda CRV Redesign New Look

The interior of the new 2018 Honda CRV sees a redesign of the dashboard. The new design features the touch screen and the instrument clusters ideally positioned to increase the ease of use for the occupants of the vehicle. The cab of the vehicle also features multi display for information and entertainment that is accessible at the tip of your fingers. The inside of the vehicle is more spacious when compared to prior models. Some of the features of the previous model have returned. These may include the Pandora internet radio, USB connection options and Bluetooth are some of the options mobile clients will have to interface with.

The exterior of the vehicle has a design as dominant as the interior of the vehicle. The new 2018 Honda CRV’s funky look still remains although the vehicle has bulk up a bit. This will make it more identifiable to fan and prospective buyers. The rear of the vehicle has change from its usually boxy design to a more curvy and smooth design while the front of the SUV takes its design stylings from the 2017 Civic Type R. All the lights in the front end of the vehicle are LED in design. The manufactures of the vehicle are considering installing a modular tailgate but we will have to wait and see what happens. The design of the head lights give the vehicle an aggressive appearance however it sits up off the ground reducing some of the sporty from its appearance.

2018 Honda CRV interior

2018 Honda CRV Under the Hood

Under the hood of the 2018 Honda CRV sits two option of engine system. The first is the naturally aspirated 2.4 liter four liter engine that those familiar with the previous model of this vehicle will know very well. The engine has been modified however to produce 185 horse power and 181 pound per feet of torque. This engine will get a mileage to fuel rating of about 30 miles per gallon. The two liter turbocharged engine that is familiar to the Type-R Civic from Europe. The system may be capable of producing 300 horse power and over 280 pounds per feet of torque. These systems will be mated with specific CVT gear boxes that will supply power to an all-wheel drive system.

2018 Honda CRV rear

2018 Honda CRV Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2018 Honda CRV is yet to be officially released. The rumors are that the vehicle will hit the markets by the middle of the year 2018. The price for the vehicle is also not currently known but speculations are that it sits at an estimated price $25,000. This may be a bit more costly than any other vehicle in its class but it is also more vehicle than those in its class as well.

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