The 2018 Honda CR-V is redesigned SUV and this is the fifth generation of this compact crossover. One compact crossover was aimed to win the most influence on the market. This unstoppable run to the top a lot affects the reputation of the Company. Japanese car manufacturer can be proud of the changes that were made with their model CR-V, and the results of the last two years are proof that courage combined with the knowledge worthwhile.

Model CR-V exists on the market for over 30 years (last year has celebrated its third decade), but only in the last two years separated itself at the top. For your information, 2015 Honda CR-V has sold nearly in 350,000 copies while in 2014 it has been around 335,000 copies. Only a few years ago before the start of the fourth generation sales was about 200,000 copies, yearly. What to expect when it comes to the new 2018 Honda CR-V?

2018 Honda CR-V front view

First of all, model 2018 Honda CR-V compared to their predecessors stand out a rich offer when it comes to the equipment packages. A wide range and a large variety of combinations of this model were made a miracle. It could be said that this model is the first that were moved bounds when it comes to the marketing. 2018 Honda CR-V Selfie Edition is a version where cameras are placed so that no interference when you are going to make the photo in the interior, but also in front of this four-wheeler. Although this is not really much to do with the vehicle, on this way was improved driver safety, especially of women behind the wheel.

2018 Honda CR-V: Changes

It seems that new Honda CR-V for 2018 will keep the same offer of trim level. There are Comfort, Elegance, Lifestyle and Executive. These names of trims combine different engine with other parts, depending on the market. Exterior and interior will not be changed a lot. In 2015 in model CR-V has introduced changes in terms of the offer of engines with direct injected Earth Dreams and CVT, copied from Honda Accord. This was affected by improvements in fuel economy, first of all, for averagely 3 mpg more. Packages are improved with a new navigation system and a lot of security systems (FCW, CMBS, LDW, LKAS and ACC). When it comes to the changes, for expectation is new LED light groups, a design of mirrors and smaller part of exterior. Interior will get updated software solutions.

2018 Honda CR-V rear view

2018 Honda CR-V: Engine

Engine’s offer will keep the same version. Diesel are more attractive for customers, and 2018 Honda CR-V will be run by either 1.6 or 2.4 liters units. European 2018 Honda CR-V model characterizes 1.6L i-DTEC engine with 120 (4,000 rpm) or 160 hp (4,000 or 6,500 rpm). Both are available with FWD and AWD. Other markets have and 2.4L diesel engine with 175 or 190 horses. The same displacement is related to the gasoline power units. The transmission includes 5, 6 or 7-speed gearbox. The biggest innovation in this terms is 9-speed automatic that comes with 1.6L diesel and 160 hp.

2018 Honda CR-V: Price, Release

The new version will be presented by the end of this winter, probably at the 2017 NAIAS in Detroit. Release date should by soon after presentation, somewhere in March 2017, at the least. This model has great rivals in vehicles such as Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape and Hyundai Tucson. All these vehicles have almost the same range when it comes to the price. As for 2018 Honda CR-V price, it is between $25,000 and $36,000.

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