The 2017 Honda Clarity made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 with some essential changes. As for now, it is expected that new model gets its release at the middle of 2017 in California. The Japanese manufacturer Honda launched its FCX Clarity model as a fuel-cell vehicle back in 2008. This model is also called as Honda Clarity demonstrates zero emission features just like electric cars. It has been sourced out that new Clarity will join a battery-electric variant to make it a plug-in hybrid version. If this goes in the right direction, then it is expected to get the new name either ‘Honda Clarity Electric’ or ‘Honda Clarity Plug-in-Hybrid.’

2017 Honda Clarity front

2017 Honda Clarity – Exterior and Interior Design:

As of now, there is no specific details on electric variants are available. It is expected to drive better with much power and efficiency. If this vehicle gets its release in spring of 2017, initially it will be in at least number to reach selected dealers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and those Orange countries. This is because the hydrogen fuel-cell cannot be charged like traditional electric vehicles. One needs to power the vehicle with hydrogen fuel from specified fueling stations. After certain hard findings, it has been sourced out that 2017 Honda Clarity can be refilled within three minutes if proper pressure and communication interface are maintained.

All-new Clarity is also expected to get increased dimensions to influence the spectators. Its ‘Kammback’ design is also similar to those vehicles that are tagged to follow the guidelines of high-efficiency green cars. The manufacturer has worked on maintaining its aerodynamics at the proper level to give complete control of this vehicle at higher speeds. At its interior, it offers comfortable space for five adult passengers. The rest of its features are also well-accustomed with futuristic design and style. Well, it is one of the challenges to the manufacturer to produce such an effective vehicle for the upcoming market.

2017 Honda Clarity interior

2017 Honda Clarity – Engine Options:

The 2017 Honda Clarity will be powered by using an electric motor that can produce up to a maximum possible power of 174 HP and 221 lb-ft of maximum available torque. The sophisticated battery pack system includes a lithium-ion battery. In addition, the motor will power both the front wheels to offer front-wheel-drive system.

It has been sourced out that 2017 Honda Clarity will incorporate the latest version of V-Flow fuel cell stack. Here, V stands for Vertical orientation. If this information is true, then the manufacturer will definitely gain much reputation in the upcoming market. The 2.4 liters 4-cylinder gasoline engine is also expected to get a chance to be attached to its electric motor system. Definitely, the buyers will be pleased to have all these features.

2017 Honda Clarity rear

2017 Honda Clarity – Price, Release Date, and Competitors:

Finally, the price for the new model is expected to be around $60.000, with the release date in the middle of 2017. The Honda is eagerly waiting for the day to beat its main rival models of other manufacturing companies with Clarity’s greater performance and reliability. The manufacturer is all set to give a tough competition to Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell and Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell.

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