The last year was a year where we mostly talk about the autonomy, and this 2017 will be the year where our phone, smartphone, and a car will be all seamlessly blended together. Three days ago, on the January 5th, the Honda introduced their newly Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem at the 2017 CES. According to Honda, this will be the new structure that will blend robotics, artificial intelligence, as well as cloud data in order to improve mobility and driving. At the mentioned 2017 CES, the Honda revealed two prototypes.

The word is about the recently developed and revealed NeuV automated electric mini vehicle as well as Riding Assist Motorcycle. Also, besides that, the Company announced that they will become partners with DreamWorks Animation and Visa, as well as with Honda Developer Studio and Honda Silicon Valley Labs. Additionally, the Honda announced Safe Swarm. More precisely, it will be a concept that will use technology in order to create cohesive and safe roadways.

NeuV mini-EV Front

The NeuV mini-EV:

The two prototypes will be, we can say the main event of this 2017 CES. The NeuV means new Electric Urban Vehicle. They created this vehicle with one thing in their minds. According to them, most cars sit idle for most of their lives, and they simply want to change that fact. This model will be or actually is the Honda’s vision of the future. If the vehicle is not used by the owner, then it can provide ride sharing for other peoples. Also, when this vehicle is not in use, then it is capable of returning energy to the grid.

The newly intelligent vehicle will come with the Automated Network Assistant from Honda, or better called HANA. This will be adaptive and personal AI assistant and it will adapt and learn based on a driver’s decisions, behaviors, and emotions, offering original options and recommendations. Just like some other vehicles in the CES, the Japanese Company will offer an electric skateboard. 

When it comes to some specific details from the outside, the Electric Urban Vehicle from Honda will be very similar to the Smart model.

Riding Assist Motorcycle:

The Riding Assist Motorcycle will use the robotics technology in order to provide self-leveling capabilities. What does that mean? That means that this motorcycle will be capable of balance itself. It will use technology borrowed from the Uni-Cub instead of cumbersome and heavy gyroscopes.

Honda riding assist 2

The Partnerships Between Companies: 

Thanks to the partnerships between the Visa and Honda, we have a new working prototype that will allow payments from mobile directly from a vehicle. If you maybe don’t know, the Ford Company also working on the similar technology with Sync. However, while Ford Company works with the exact vendors like ExxonMobil, the Honda Company seems to have a wider reach with the Visa mashup. As we know, the most obvious mashup between the automobiles and computer animation comes from the Pixar. However, the Honda and DreamWorks Animation work on the greater than before and virtual reality in-car displays.

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