The new model 2018 Honda Odyssey is an astonishing, ergonomic, comfortable minivan with adjustable configuration, high-tech features, and appealing design. It is difficult to emphasize its greatest asset as there are many. However, having enough space and being equipped with multiple gadgets and entertainment systems are only two among the most important advantages of this minivan.

2018 Honda Odyssey front

A lot of Space:

The Honda Odyssey not only abounds in space, it creates the space. The movable rear seats are the greatest asset according to the critics, as this feature makes it easily reorganizable and adjustable to a larger or smaller number of passengers. The seat rows can be pushed backward and forward, spread apart or close to each other. Space between the individual seats can be increased or decreased. Transformation of the back seats of the minivan can be performed easily, in no time and with minimum effort. The triple door seals make the cabin extremely quiet which helps the driver concentrate and provides an enjoyable trip prerequisites for the passengers.

Hygiene of the minivans is very important as it is used for transportation of a relatively large number of passengers at once. Additionally, its purpose can vary from large family vehicle to touristic minivan. Therefore, a built-in vacuum cleaner is an important asset which can come in handy on long journeys. However, in Honda Odyssey, journeys will never be boring, as its entertainment system includes WSVGA. Advanced HVAC system, numerous apps for trip control and acoustic glass are technology features that came with the new model.

2018 Honda Odyssey interior 2

The 360-degree camera system the minivan can be very useful in numerous situations. Having a large number of people in the vehicle, including kids, can sometimes require surveillance and increase safety during the trip. In today’s world of fast communications and increased need for updates on road situation, the integrated hotspot feature is certainly one of the most valuable communications technology qualities of 2018 Honda Odyssey.

2018 Honda Odyssey rear

2018 Honda Odyssey Engine and Safety:

A 3.5-liter V-6 is the only engine that is offered with 280 horsepower. This minivan is not a fuel-economical model, but it does have a superb performance in its class. Safety comes first, as in all Honda models. Lane-keep assistant, parking sensors, cruise mode control, snow mode and uprated brakes represent the outline of the safety package. The pricing is unknown. However, this minivan will surely bring a safe, pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable experience both to the driver and the passengers.


In conclusion, the leading minivans finally got a serious rival. The Honda Odyssey is a high-tech, quiet, convenient and safe minivan which will fulfill all needs of a modern passenger, large family, the driver and the road.

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