The Honda has released a new crossover aptly called the BR-V in Malaysia. This seven-seater crossover vehicle has been especially made for the ASEAN market with style, fuel economy, and comfort in mind. The Bold Runabout Vehicle is the first of many to come from the Honda R&D Asia Pacific division. During the launch, Noriaki Abe, the COO of Regional Operations for Honda Motor Co. in Oceania and Asia, spoke about how the diverse market was growing with the huge population. He discussed the nearly 70% increase in sales in the region for the company over the last five years. This growth prompted special attention from the R&D department, leading to the release of the incredible BR-V.

Honda BR-V front

The vehicle is stylish, practical, seats seven. The BR-V comes with an I-VTEC engine (1.5L) and has a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology. This improvement over other vehicles on the road allows for the best driving performance coupled with efficient fuel economy available in the marketplace.

Honda BR-V interior

With a tough exterior design combined with a sleek look, this new Honda BR-V is going to be keeping customer attention for a long time to come. Before we get into a few of the items that are standard on the new BR-V, as established at the recent launch, be certain to notice how Honda has integrated safety, security, and comfort in a single vehicle. The design team also took the time to make certain not to neglect the driving experience.


Some of the features to be aware of include Daytime Running Lights, Anti-lock Brakes, and Reverse Camera and Sensors. Additionally, having the highest ground clearance available to this market, also having the hill and vehicle stability assist into the system is helpful. All of these display the attention to details incorporated into the Honda BR-V Seven-Seater Crossover.

Honda BR-V side


The two variants of the new Honda BR-V cater to different driving needs. Both versions are available as either diesel or petrol hybrids. The BR-V E is the standard, bare essentials version of the vehicle. The BR-V V is the luxury version with several high-end systems, such as auto-locking, speed sensing door locks etc.

With the release of the new BR-V, the Honda has rounded out their crossover line. The CR-V is designed with the SUV crossover in mind. The HR-V is a compact crossover companion, and the BR-V is the large family oriented vehicle. The crossover line has already proven beneficial and welcomed by the Malaysian marketplace. With the release of the specially designed BR-V, Malaysia has the full line of crossover vehicles available from Honda.

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