The popular Japanese Company has been planning to introduce a new model Honda Freed 2018. So customers can expect some revolutionary changes as compared to its previous models. Not only will it showcase more modernized styling specs, but also introduce better performance this time out. The Japanese carmaker has a long running franchise when it comes to minivans or MPVs. Among them, the Honda Freed model was a bit neglected in the past. The last brand new model came out way back in 2012 and it has been refreshed since then. Well, that is not the case anymore with the brand new Honda Freed 2018.

Honda Freed 2018 front

Honda Freed 2018 – Design Modifications:

The Honda is going for an aggressive exterior look for this Honda Freed 2018. This is the reason as to why they have completely modified the front chassis design and introduced several new elements. Some of the exterior highlights include:

  • A brand new sleek grille design with chrome strips.
  • Aggressive front bumper with brand new fog lamps.
  • Improved LED head and tail lights.
  • New 17 inch of black alloy wheels.

Interior Layout:

As far as the interior are concerned, customers can expect to see a lot of new toys inside this minivan such as: –

  • New control panel layout with a touchscreen infotainment system.
  • Navigation upgrades with rear view camera and wireless connectivity.
  • Adaptive cruise control, with better traction and stability control.
  • Comfortable leather seats with more legroom.

Honda Freed 2018 interior

Honda Freed 2018 – Engine Options:

Performance in this 7-seater minivan will be a step up in this newer generation model. Honda Freed 2018 will feature 2 separate powertrain configurations to appease and surprise its large customer base.

  • A brand new 1,5-liter i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine will perform as its standard power train. It can generate a max power of 130 HP, along with impressive 114 lb-ft. of max torque.
  • A second powertrain configuration is currently under wraps, but it will feature a 2.0 liter Sport Hybrid i-DCD setup with a maximum power output of 200 HP, along with 150 lbs-ft. of max torque.            

Additional features will be added to improve the overall performance output of this automobile. Those features include:

  • Integrated Motor Assist technology.
  • Enhanced Engine Block
  • Direct injection fuel circulation.
  • New piston oil jets.

Transmission and Fuel Economy:

Drivetrain details indicate that Honda Freed 2018 will be available with a standard FWD (front wheel drive) layout, which is pretty common for MPVs. However, it’s old 5-speed automatic gearbox will be replaced with a brand new 7-speed dual clutch transmission module.

As far as its fuel economy specs are concerned, it is too early to speculate about the optional power train’s EPA ratings. However, close sources have indicated that the standard powertrain option will deliver 32/ 26/29 mpg [Highway/Highway/Combined].

Honda Freed 2018 side

Release Date, Competition, and Price:

The Honda Freed 2018 is likely to come out by mid-2018 even though Honda has not officially announced a release date. With competition from the likes of Toyota Sienna and KiaForte, customers might have to pay around $23,000 for the base version while higher trims might cost up to $30,000. More information on its pricing will be available once it comes out.

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