The Company has already showcased Honda NeoWing Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show and 2016 Auto Expo which has set great impressions. The model itself is one of a kind and grabs attention right away as it wears outlandish bodywork. This NeoWing Concept is supposedly targeted to cater growing group of riders who would want exhilarating performance with utmost comfort and convenience. The Honda has made its presence in almost all segments of motorcycles. However, the company needs to lay more focus towards the three-wheeler realm. Interestingly, this relatively new segment is soon going to see a wind of change as the new Honda NeoWing Concept might come up any sooner.

Honda NeoWing front

Honda NeoWing – Design

Counterintuitive to what one would expect, this Honda NeoWing uses a two wheel drive in the front. According to some of the reports forwarded by Honda officials, using 2 wheels at the front makes way for a sporty ride and great cornering which is not the same in traditional trike configuration.

In other words, the makers are on a mission to blend the stability and performance of a four wheeler and large-sized motorcycles for creating a great riding experience. In terms of accessibility, this three-wheeler is reported to use a Honda developed linkage mechanism in the front wheels. Apart from the 2 wheel up front, the rest of its body seems perfectly fine as that of a standard sports bike.

To point out some of the design features of NeoWing, the approach to the fuel tank, seat and rear tail seems normal. However, the real wheel looks considerably thick and it might serve to maintain traction and stability. As to its chassis, the two-piece design is, in fact, similar to one that is included in patents for Gold Wing. This design includes a plausible double-wishbone setup and a leaning front suspension.

Honda NeoWing dashboard

Honda NeoWing – Hybrid System

The NeoWing Concept claims to use a hybrid system. This system consists of electric motors combined with a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine. To create a simple analogy, this hybrid powertrain besides being highly efficient will supposedly deliver plentiful torque for a powerful acceleration.

The several reports have confirmed that this hybrid technology is similar to the one used in Gold Wing. Confirmations have also come up that the transmission system, final drive, and the overall hybrid drivetrain has entered commercial production.

Honda NeoWing rear

Honda NeoWing – Expectations

Apart from all the skeptics, this NeoWing doesn’t seem too far-fetched as fairly unconventional models like the Honda NM4 is already available in its lineup. With that being said, there’s really no official confirmation to the release date of Honda NeoWing. The Honda might make it available during the last quarters of 2017 or probably during the early onset of 2018.

As far as pricing is concerned, experts have assumed this model to come with a price tag under £25,000 ($30,711). Pricing might even vary with colors and accessories.

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