The electric version of Honda Super Cub; 2018 Honda EV-Cub is in much anticipation since the company displayed the concept model at the Auto Expo 2016. Although details of production-ready models are vague, experts have predicted that this electric variant will not be a completely new take.

2018 Honda EV-Cub front

2018 Honda EV-Cub – Design

For some analogy, the 2018 Honda Super Cub has weathered generations of mechanical and design changes while maintaining its signature style. To trace back timeline, the Honda first unveiled an electric version in 2009 at the Tokyo Motor Show. Back then, this electric variant had a 2WD (two wheel drive) with electric motors in each hub.

Not just the front motor but the design of LED headlights too has changed. This makes the 2018 Honda EV Cub concept a precise replica of 2015 Super Cub concept. It comes with a removable battery pack with a tilting cover and has a low mount on the body mainframe. Other changes include the instrument panel which is now replaced by a single screen. Other added features worth mentioning, completely new 10 spoke alloy wheels and Y-shaped handlebars.

2018 Honda EV-Cub dashboard

2018 Honda EV-Cub – Powertrain

If the company was to take this EV-Cub into commercial production right away, the odds are that Honda will use EV-Neo powertrain (the only electric scooter in Honda’s line-up). In the model above (EV-Neo), the electric powertrain uses a 0.9kWh battery to produce 2.8 kW (3.8 HP) at 30 km/h (18.6 mph) for a driving range of 34 km (21 miles). Therefore this new EV-Cub might excel as an efficient and enjoyable city commuter.

2018 Honda EV-Cub side

2018 Honda EV-Cub – Announcement and Price

According to an announcement made by the company’s CEO, the 2018 Honda EV-Cub is planned to enter commercial production in 1 years’ time. The CEO also declared that this EV-Cub would be initially launched exclusively for the Japanese market. With time, the Honda will launch this model in ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) markets.

As to global availability, the company will look to the market conditions first. But as Super Cub is a global sensation, it wouldn’t hurt Honda to give a green flag to global availability, considering the customer base in the U.S that is more accustomed to electric two wheelers. As for the price range of this 2018 Honda EV-Cub, nothing can be confirmed as of now. But with competition from the likes of buyers might have to pay around $1,500 or more.


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