The upcoming model 2018 Honda Crosstour will be a combination of Sports Utility Vehicle with coupe-like features. The Honda is a leading car manufacturer in several car segments, including coupes and crossovers. The Japanese automaker is not resting on its laurels and is currently trying to reach new market heights with some interesting plans in the upcoming years.

The Honda Crosstour was introduced back in 2009. Referred to as Accord Crosstour at that time, the Japanese car manufacturer kept high expectation from this vehicle of theirs’. However, that wasn’t the case, and the model didn’t gain much popularity when it entered the market. The slow sales resulted in the model being discontinued in 2015. Now, the Honda is working on reviving the model and has already started working on a 2018 version. The design and performance of this new car will certainly be modified and expect Honda to turn things up a notch.

2018 Honda Crosstour front

2018 Honda Crosstour – Exterior Changes

The car manufacturing company is silent about the details of 2018 Honda Crosstour, so there aren’t any official details as of now. However, there have been some recent spy shots which have revealed certain details to some extent. The car is being made to appear more modern than before, with the use of better quality body materials with enhanced durability.

The SUV will arrive as a five door vehicle with a rugged feel to its every corner. It will sport a broader bumper to provide a more aggressive appearance. Expect a new set of grilles combined with chrome finishing. It has incorporated smaller wheels this time around with what looked like 18 inches in diameter.

Interior Refreshments

As far as the cabin is concerned, the 2018 Honda Crosstour will also come with top quality materials for offering the best possible comfort. The Honda is known to provide some great technological upgrades over the years. So, there is absolutely no doubt that the new Crosstour will also arrive with advanced infotainment system along with some of the latest features. This will include:

  • dual zone air conditioning
  • smartphone connectivity
  • voice-activated navigation system.

And much more. Improved audio and adaptive climate control system are also on the cards. The safety features should include all the standards – airbags, traction control and automatic braking system, cruise control and others.

2018 Honda Crosstour interior

2018 Honda Crosstour – Engine Specs

There will be two petrol engine options available with this model.

  • A 2.4 liter four cylinder DOHC engine will serve as the first option. This engine will be capable of generating 192 HP along with a 162 lb-ft of torque figure.
  • A 3.5 liter SOHC engine will also be on offer, capable of generating 278 HP of power and 252 lb-ft of torque.

There have also been rumors of a V6 powertrain under the hood of 2018 Honda Crosstour. The automatic transmission with is available, five or six gears. Both All-Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive will be on offer.

2018 Honda Crosstour side

2018 Honda Crosstour – Price, Competitors and Release Date

The 2018 Honda Crosstour is expected to have a starting price of nearly $25,000. At this range, this SUV may go up against Toyota Venza, and Subaru Outback. It should be available in the market in the fourth quarter of 2017.


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