The prospect of Honda S2000’s rebirth is now gaining stream as a 2018 Honda S2000 could be commemorating its 70th anniversary. Doing this would create a perfect symmetry as Honda launched its previous S2000 in 1998 to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

2018 Honda S2000 front

2018 Honda S2000 –  Changes 

The car experts have said that this new Honda S2000 will be similar to its critically acclaimed competitor Mazda MX-5 Miata, except it is going to be more powerful and performance oriented. Another hint that strikes a possibility of this next-generation 2018 Honda S2000 is Acura’s Precision concept which was unveiled at the Detroit show this year. 

Although industry insiders have noted that Honda doesn’t have a platform for a compact race oriented car, experts have suggested not to overlook this, considering what the company has done with its NSX and S660 mini-coupe

Chassis and Body

Moving on to the chassis and body, this upcoming model is expected to weigh less than 2,900 pounds. To achieve this, the Honda might use carbon fiber and aluminum alloy in the body to cut down weight. Doing so will also enhance performance and fuel economy.

As to the exterior styling of the new Honda S2000, a company might take references from NSX and S660 mini-coupe. New renders of the 2018 model suggest that this model will have a low nose and sporty front bumper. The hood consists of several stylistic scoops and angular lines which add sportiness to some extent. However, the manufacturer might present its upcoming Honda S2000 with a convertible soft top. Therefore the interior cabin will be designed accordingly. Speaking of which, soft sports seats with leather upholstery is in the cards. Not much is known about how the cabin is going to be as there’s lack of new information. Meanwhile, Honda is designing the dashboard to be sporty and race-oriented. 

2018 Honda S2000 – Turbocharged Engine

The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is going to make its way into a rear wheel drive platform. Tipsters have pointed out that the two motors in its front will implement a torque-vectoring system. There’s a good possibility that Honda might borrow the powertrain from Civic Type R for this upcoming 2018 Honda S2000.

Besides gracing the new Honda S2000 with a high performance, its fuel consumption will be kept in check as well. The mileage figures are likely to go as 26 mpg in the city, 30 mpg on the highway and 28 mpg combined. There’s no further information about the powertrain, but a few might come up soon.

2018 Honda S2000 –  Expectations

The Honda is building this model at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio alongside NSX. According to industry insiders, the R&D team is already on to this 2018 Honda S2000 and it might come out anytime soon during the last quarters of 2017.

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