The Japanese carmaker took a serious challenge in order to have new products available. Comparing to established labels, new 2019 Honda Element will try to expand an offer with a new series of vehicles. According to plan, the eastern market will have a stronger opponent for this segment. The latest version of the Element SUV will try to complete the tradition.

Since the need for this type of car keeps rising, there is no doubt that will not come to failure. After mainly updates back in 2011, for the first time in later years we could expect many new additions. The main question was the customer’s feedback. Is it wise to bring back something that is old school in so many ways no matter for how long? The challenge stands for new Element and it has nice shot to become one of the favorites.

2019 Honda Element front

Will Honda ever bring back the Element?

According to new rumors, Honda is seriously taking as option returning on 2019 Honda Element on market. This compact luxury crossover is most famous for its boxy look. Since the economic crisis hit the market in very strong temper, the company discontinued production for a while in 2011. One of the main reasons are poor sell results as well. However, the new 2019 Honda Element will be greater than the predecessor. The latest update will concerning a hybrid drivetrain which will be compatible with a new generation of SUVs.

With the new specter of possibilities in a new upgraded version of Element, the company will launch several trim levels which will contain much technical support. The upper trim levels will be reserved for a sports car as such, will have stronger measurements in order to continue competition in this segment. This is a unique opportunity for Honda to establish their place among the competition. Although many stories have many things in common, we will wait until the final launching. We actually believe that everything has a good start to work with. This will take some chances in advance.

2019 Honda Element interior

2019 Honda Element To Offer Recognizable Design

The new and compact SUV will provide a large statement of possibilities and offers with new 2019 Honda Element. According to dimensions, new SUV will be supposed to be mid-size with the recognizable exterior. Comparing the current one, Element will keep its basic design with some smaller external changes. The base body will be made of a combo of materials like steel and aluminum. The 2019 Honda Element will have two types of lights in use as LED and XENON. The interior is spacious and comfortable combined with two rows of sliding seats. This means that this model could receive up to seven passengers.

As far as practical use, this car is worth every investment. Due to low body weight, we can expect stronger performance and a smoother ride. The company devoted some attention to aerodynamics which is central to this model. In overall concept, the main material is actually aluminum. Modern and modified for a smaller development, this smaller type of SUV will use lower gas consumption due to low body weight. Apparently, the upper trim levels will allow people to enjoy some technical advantages like Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports. There is also cruise management, parking season and steering system.

2019 Honda Element side

2019 Honda Element Engine and Fuel Consumption

Performance of new 2019 Honda Element is more than promising. The fuel will have better flow alongside with utilization of energy. The latest version of the engine as its familiar will be Technical L 4AV, which is the 2.4liter 4-tube engine. This motor will have greater strength which is more than regular mode.

The motor should be enough to gain 166 HP and 161 ft of torque. After the first test, the results showed 110 miles per hour which also means that the engine will improve fuel consumption. After some other tests available, performance will gain 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg in highways. The driving stays smooth with no difficulties in stopping. Silent motor and upgraded fuel consumption will attract many new clients. The howling power is stronger and so is the towing capacity.

2019 Honda Element rear

2019 Honda Element Release Date

The new 2019 Honda Element will be the most dazzling surprise of them all. Although reserved for the upcoming year, the Element will show what it takes to get back on track. Without serious investment and starting procedure of production, the company will lose its competitor. Although renewing the forgotten vehicle, new SUV will now have something to offer. The final launching of the 2019 Honda Element will be reserved for the end of a next year with promotion mainly in Japan.

2019 Honda Element Price

The base units will cost under $21,000. The Element will get closer to its sibling HR-V model although is not official yet. It will remain unpredicted how people will react off the base unit vehicle. The critics are conserved but the final results will give the sail.


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