Heading with new technology and progress, Honda will try to succeed in breaking through the modern way of business. Also, with tracking new updates and novelties, the new info providing us with more details about new upcoming 2019 Honda Prelude. This arrival will try to bring new customers and attract new buyers. This model in earlier ages was very popular, and even in 70-is has made a significant success in Europe and later in the USA.

Back then, it all started as a 2-door coupe with sporty appearance and glance interior. Since the orders stopped in 2001, because the interests were lower for this type of model, the things are about to change. After more than 18 years, there is a time when something new is going to be released. A new version of unique Prelude is ahead of us waiting to be released. Many experts have a positive opinion about new coming results. Without a doubt with new marketing skills and updated details and technology, the new presentation will make more interests.

2019 Honda Prelude rear

2019 Honda Prelude engine

Honda is persistent with quality and advantage in motor features. The most interesting part is the engine, which will have a great role in the overall line-up. Based on earlier experience, this type of engine is going to be a mid-mounted engine. It will sit behind the front axle which gives car better weight distribution and upper power income. The engine will be a part of new Hondas turbocharged power plants, which will have an AWD available.

There are several engine solutions, and they are 1.5liter turbo-four with 200hp, and another one is supposed to be a 2.0liter turbo-four with 300hp. These engines will have the 6-speed manual in the base configuration for front wheels only. This engine will contribute in new Prelude enough to proceed further use for next generations.

Will Honda ever bring back Prelude?

This is not so hard question what so ever. Surviving the heavy design and offsets materials, we can claim two possible sides. The customer’s feedback is certainly one of the positive reactions in later years. However, not so many people have that point of view. Without manner, this trip would be exhausting. Without a doubt, new Prelude could be presented as an experiment serving the older product to the new audience. And another side of is totally negative. The company did not suggest any of possibilities before the subject is already in plan. The other side has not so positive opinion in this type of project calling it wasting time and resources.

However, we can keep the current opinion about the positive final result. Whether it brings back or not, the final product will take some serious changes in the overall concept. The chance is always upon us and we can see how interests are growing each day. Without further competition, the vehicles in this segment will have a better rival. The new 2019 Honda Prelude will try to justify a new way and presentation and it will have some interesting results.

1996 Honda Prelude
1996 Honda Prelude

The rivals of new 2019 Honda Prelude

Without a doubt even in new redesign, new 2019 Honda Prelude will remain noticed as sports coupe with more adventurous spirit than before. The fine lining in overall concept will definitely bring harder task for rivals in this segment. In sporty race cars segment, there will be definitely more competition such as BRZ and Toyota 86. These ones are not so specific, but comparing it with Civic Si and Civic Type-R the difference is noticeable.

This model will arrive as a unique example of the fifth generation of Prelude vehicles. The Honda will definitely decide about final launching details. As far as infotainment system concerns, the new way of posture is beyond past times.

2019 Honda Prelude trim levels and price

There will be several variants of trim levels especially regard to Japanese and USA market. Even in the past years, we could see how different labels are popular in other parts of the world. For example, F22B Si and Type S with the H22 engine were sold in Japan only. The Japanese engineers are developing new programs to empower the strength of new technology for these engines. The Si and SiR were offered in 4-wheel steering and this is going to happen again.

2019 Honda Prelude interior

As far as USA platform concern the only two models had future as the base model of Type SH with 197 hp. The others had successful starts in Europe and Australia. The main idea is to create more trim levels for each market and to provide this by the end of 2019.  The price for base 2019 Honda Prelude is going to be near $33,000 for the base model. With new additions and according to the trim levels available the price will probably rise in future.

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