The Japanese carmaker has made significant progress in the past. An overall impression is stunning after the releasing new models which will be quite noticeable. The main difference between the predecessor and upcoming model will concern technology and better line-up in general. The modified version or so-called 2020 Honda Odyssey will tend to gain more trust of the customers and make better sell gain. The previous model had probably one of the best sells since the Odyssey launched. For that reason, also to keep in touch with the previous generation, the concept will have some similarities.

The new line of Honda vans will try to beat the competition on its market space with growing in every way, also adding new trim levels and design details. A new model 2020 Honda Odyssey will try to renew the combination of modern details alongside tradition. The family car will eventually well used and economical in many certain ways. The most important part is, of course, the performance which is in general better with better fuel consumption. However, the previous model had some issues with AWD, and with the new update, this problem is solved in best interests.

2020 Honda Odyssey front

2020 Honda Odyssey Exterior Changes

The new materials which are practically in use will definitely mark a new 2020 Honda Odyssey. The unique combo of steel and aluminum will add some lighter weighting upon the sized dimensions. However, the top line boasts 19-inch alloy tires, which looks attentive and sporty. The power-folding exterior mirrors and LED headlights are going to be available in upper trim levels as a darkened option.

Comparing with the previous model, new entrance on the market will be noticeable since the sporty van with extra luggage space is always a good idea. The more use of chrome layers will try to define the body structure more elastic which is far beyond the expectation.

2020 Honda Odyssey interior

2020 Honda Odyssey Interior Design That Defeat Competitors

The interior of the new 2020 Honda Odyssey will set a challenging choice of new possibilities which is far more than the previous model had. The most eye-catching detail is a new design and overall line-up. The interior will create a warm and spacious family atmosphere which is empowered by leather materials in more than one trim level. At the start, we could notice two rows of seats, which will be available in several color options. This will cover even the based units which will have LED technology available in all lighting system.

The infotainment system combines digital cluster and a large 9-inch touchscreen which is standard for upper trims. It will be more than an attractive option. The wi-fi connectivity is also there, and in a combo, with safe mode, it gains extra points among fans. The Honda sensing package will make a winning duo especially with an upgraded navigation system and adaptive safety measures. The newest 2020 Honda Odyssey beats the popular Toyota Sienna model in many aspects. Some of the features that are available with the Odyssey model and not with the Sienna are Magic Slide Seats, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Road Departure Migration System, Cabin Watch and great Honda Vac system.

2020 Honda Odyssey Trim Equipment

The trim levels of every Honda product have various offers with many combined possibilities. Every customer could choose among the offered features which are more than satisfying. With Standard equipment, we can expect 7-passengers 2020 Honda Odyssey LX. For Odyssey EX we could see the wide specter of safety manners. In additionals, we could see the USB phone connectivity and ports, rearview camera and start button.

The sliding rows are available in Type-R and Elite touring system, alongside an upgraded infotainment system. The Type-R will also have a replacement from 2.0 liter to 3.5-liter engine in order to gain stronger output. The upgraded towing capacity is one another thing which is common for all these trim levels.

2020 Honda Odyssey side

2020 Honda Odyssey Powertrain

There are some familiar details about new 2020 Honda Odyssey engine. They stand a possibility for a new Odyssey to be empowered by and upgraded with V6 engine 3.5liter. This engine will most likely have an output of 280 hp and 263 lb-ft of torque. However, The Type-R touring and Elite will give a 10-speed automatic transmission.

With FWS drivetrain the vehicle will have a condition to raise chances for a stronger engine with better fuel capacity. The results of the worth of total valves per cylinder will remain 4 valves per cylinder. The entrance of fuel by direct injecting will make it stay as it was in the previous model-gas. The fuel economy will remain at the same level at 19 mpg in city and 28 highway.

This prototype of the engine will be formally presented in the car show at the end of 2020, alongside with final revealing. The test had done in strictly camouflage without any doubts in presented results. With most precise data will be given at the final launching of a new generation of Odyssey van vehicles.

2020 Honda Odyssey rear look

2020 Honda Odyssey Price and Arrival

The basic unit of 2020 Honda Odyssey will cost $ 31.000. The new Odyssey will have the most upgraded vehicle for the price of $47.000 if the highest trim level has more options. The most reliable way to ensure the true result is to wait until the final launching by the end of 2020. The Japanese carmaker will try to compete in this segment, which is in many earlier ways successful.

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