The old bike is becoming closer to the younger population. The 2019 Honda Gold Wing is now the flagship tourer after years of stagnation in design. However, the bike was still a cool unit if you need a getaway from an urban jungle, or just to hit the road for a weekend. Now, with more cool features, young riders will love this one.

Changes on a dashboard are making the redesign of the 2019 Honda Gold Wing so special. Now, the instrument panel is showing everything about your ride. Some things you will even don’t know what do they mean. But, be sure, you won’t lack any detail. The drivetrain remains the good-old and reliable 1,833 cc unit. Don’t worry about the power, it still has something to offer. The new bike is also available in Tour trim level.

2019 Honda Gold Wing exterior

2019 Honda Gold Wing Specs

So, the engine of the 2019 Honda Gold Wing and Tour model is a 1,833 cc mill. It is capable to deliver 125 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque. Liquid cooling, full transistorized ignition, and programmed fuel injection system are standard. The new Gold Wing is going to use a six-speed automatic transmission. DCT models are also available both for standard or Tour bike. In this case, buyers are getting a seven-speed gearbox with reverse and walking mode.

2019 Honda Gold Wing gauges

2019 Honda Gold Wing vs Gold Wing Tour

The new 2019 Honda Gold Wing brings few updates on the chassis and body. However, if we take a look at the specs sheet, it is hard to spot differences between it and Gold Wing Tour model. Two bikes are using the same drivetrain setup, features, and many other things. However, there are few differences.

First of all, the shield will unveil the first variances. The 2019 Honda Gold Wing Tour gets are full-length, while the standard model cuts it. Furthermore, the Tour bike is getting customized panniers. Passenger backrest is the next part to make a difference between two versions of the tourer. Next, addition to Gold Wing Tour is electronic preload suspension. It will easy the drive and make the motorcycle more stable. Finally, all these changes make the price go up.

2019 Honda Gold Wing accessories

2019 Honda Gold Wing Price

The new 2019 Honda Gold Wing costs $300 more than its predecessor. The offer starts at $23,800 and goes up to $25,000 for the model with DCT. If we take a look at the Tour model, we will notice the same price jump, but from $26,700 to $27,000. With a DCT, 2019 Honda Gold Wing Tour costs $28,000. If you add an airbag, it will make the bike’s price go up to $32,000.

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