This model will have a unique story even though is not officially confirmed when or where will be finally launched. The new and long expected 2020 Honda S3000 is definitely a most intriguing model in latest Honda history. The industry has various tasks about this model. However, none of them did release until now. Without a doubt, this will definitely be one of a kind sporty racing coupe cars which are more likely to be in the center of happenings in 2020. The Japanese carmaker is in process of building a final successor of famous S2000.

There are no specific details about launching date indeed, but some source close to the company has given some pieces of information which will definitely change all the facts. The OSM (open study model) woke the interests in recent London show, which presentation had very positive feedback. That car was a convertible version of CR-Z hybrid sports car shown in Tokyo last year. The OSM model has seen by Honda’s European team, so leading to their knowledge new S3000 will probably have some of the similar features.

2020 Honda S3000 exterior

2020 Honda S3000 Exterior Details

The design of the new 2020 Honda S3000 is hidden from the public, but there are some closer details about the very first prototype. The design will lead us to exterior line-up since the OSM will likely be combined with S2000 features and lines as well. The proportions will be totally different and with sharp sporty lines, this will represent a unique match. This handsome sporty coupe will borrow an Audi R8iesque face with long hood and profile of the current S2000.

The combination of materials is suspected that should consist of several materials involved such as steel and aluminum. This will gain the lightweight of the body part as its gaining more in performing the part. The color availability is getting wider so we could expect the base colors as red black and combined. The final result will be familiar before the launching date, but after the promotional part, we believe that is worth of waiting.

2020 Honda S3000 Interior Design

The sporty cars are always full of interesting tech gadgets and superior interior. When it comes to the 2020 Honda S3000 model the very likely is to be aggressive and masculine racing car both combined with classical materials but with upgraded dimensions and wheelbase. The interior will intake one row of seats which is comfortable for driving, both for driver and co-driver. The leather materials are primary material, both with plastic additions inside.

The LED technology will surely go in the overall line-up and especially in inner lighting schedule. The steering wheel comes with USB ports and basic controls. The speed console is transparent and there will be a big LCD screen with network connectivity and navigation system. The safety measures are at the much higher level than it was before. Two pairs of airbags are on both sides of front seats, with speeding control and stronger braking system.

2020 Honda S3000 interior

2020 Honda S3000 Engine Rumors

The details about the engine are still unclear. The system under the hood will be likely moderated with stronger output and better performance. The lighter platform will provide faster performance which is probably the most important part since is the racing car. The main rumor and information that is familiar are that engine is going to be a V-6, 3.0 liter or the 3.5liter in the Acura TL – so the name is S3000. For the US market is innovative and useful which gives lower torque and smooth driving and quiet motor.

With this type of engine, we could expect the power of 280 – 300hp vicinity, which enables 0-60 run in the sub – 5-second range. The more probable solution for this model is 2.2 to 2.5-inline 4-cylinder. There is an option for the hybrid powerplant, which is more probably to arrive in the future. Well, this could happen for the new generations. The electric parts are saving energy, so we can count on significant fuel reduction and environmental safe engine. This is one of the best existing combos for any market, especially for USA clients. The main reason for this move is to ensure reliable way through more market areas and gain new clients worldwide.

2020 Honda S3000 engine

2020 Honda S3000 Price and Launching Date

The new 2020 Honda S3000 price is still unknown. the engineers are tent to ensure the safe prototype with a hybrid option, also involving more modern technology. The price will definitely depend on these features. However, the launching date is still under the question mark especially in Japan, where we could expect the main info. The following rumors say that the base price for new S3000 will go with start price $35000 without any further additions. The most expensive unit will cost near $38000.

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