Introducing the new concept of electric cars would become one big point for Honda industry since the demanding of these types of cars are very high. Especially, involving the new 2020 Honda Urban EV concept will leave fans stunned. The production for 2020 should start next year, although some sources say that some previous plans are already achieved. There are many speculations about design and powertrain, but some of the details are officially confirmed.

The upcoming 2020 Honda Urban EV model will have an aggressive sporty appearance with futuristic shape and smaller dimensions. The possible shape and design are supposed to be like sleek hatchback look with more friendly features. The range will be supposed to be about 250-mile mark and performance will likely be in the range of 300-350 hp. The overall concept of this car has various speculations regarding the design and powertrain, so we can assume some simple features based on previous models.

2020 Honda Urban EV front look

2020 Honda Urban EV Looks Futuristic

The production of new 2020 Honda Urban EV is reserved for closer future, and considering external design, the concept will have some carryover features. This will give us some clearer picture. The euphoric roofline will be an option with a massive roof with the small stationary window behind the doors.

The rear end will be changed, maybe more than the rest of the body frame. The square taillights are axed to make space for more traditional lights with redesigned went in the rear.

2020 Honda Urban EV concept

The compact sport car will be one of the favorites among other competitors in this segment. The design will continue with carrying over details like traditional door handles and side-windows. The traditional EV will use Honda wheels which will go up to 19-inches with sports tires. The hood will remain the same with a smaller door for small storage place area to access the electrical system. The new headlights are there with projectors and LED rings around them.

2020 Honda Urban EV interior

2020 Honda Urban EV Interior Uses the Latest Technology

The 2020 Honda Urban EV will have a very interesting interior. Although is smaller dimensions, with upper trim levels appears to be very astonishing. All the possible innovation will be based on the latest technology and infotainment system. There will be enough room for driver and co-driver with more legroom and higher upholsteries. The LCD screen will be supposed to be present, although the position is not clarified. Since this is a sports car, we assume that will likely have a digital screen in front of the steering wheel that will display speed, fuel capacity, and other data needed for hitting the track.

The second screen in the 2020 Honda Urban EV will provide more detailed info like g-forces, track times and charging. There is also a possibility for navigation and ability for storage certain track maps. However, speaking about transmission, there is not going to be any so there is no need for applying any sort of center console or a shifter. The more likely option is a rear-view monitor with the flat-bottom steering wheel.

2020 Honda Urban EV rear

2020 Honda Urban EV Engine Specs

Although the details about the new 2020 Honda Urban EV engine are not official yet, there are some possible speculations about new powertrain. Some of the information is most likely to be as an option since there is an actual potential which can be useful. The sports car are there for fast ride and races. The engine will have an option to deliver around 290-340 HP which is more than enough to compete with Mazda MX-5 Miata and Volkswagen Golf R. This vehicle could come with a front-wheel drive or AWD which depends on the current platform which underpins its first electric cars.

Battery Info, Car Range and Top Speed

There is no currently enough info about battery life or range, but we do know that Honda is aiming to deliver 240 km, at least 80 percent after charging 15 minutes. The top speed will probably be around 140 mph range at first, but those limits will rising while developing its EV technology.

2020 Honda Urban EV rear view

2020 Honda Urban EV Release Date, Price and Rivals

The price of this new electric car will be fair, especially with its technology and design. The starting price for this 2020 Honda Urban EV will be around $36.000 wit range-topping models in around $40.000. This will cost the most expensive model with all technical installments.

One of the main rivals the Volkswagen will offer engine output at least 250 HP. The electric cars in this segment have to have more powerful motors to conquer the competition.  The Volkswagen I.D. hatchback model will definitely cost around $34.500. The other rival the Mercedes EQA will be among electric A-class will offer similar output. However, the EQA is offering 269 HP and 369 pound-feet of torque even though it will be 5-seater. Pricing will start around $40.000 for entry level. All of these models are supposed to have their launchings by the end of 2020.

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