The intro about Honda AC-X concept was a unique experiment of the Japanese brand. The technology used in this type of machine did not impress the audience and overall rivals back in 2011. Back then, we can notice many failures considering the design and overall concept which was not the best idea for any further marketing. The domestic market has revealed many difficulties in driving and fuel consumption, so there were no good marks at the Motor Show in Tokyo. It will take almost six years after the final refreshment took place.

The redesigned model appeared back in 2017 and this upgrade gives some positive results. This model gave the significant upgrade with two redesigned engine solutions to make it a performance oriented machine in the performance. The main update is on the engine and more powerful output. There are also some changes in design from the outside and interior part. There will be more details about the future more severe upgrade, although the company did not confirm the rumors.

Honda AC-X concept exterior

Futuristic Exterior

Since the latest upgrade in 2017, there were no major changes in the exterior of the new Honda AC-X concept. Although there were many rumors about new redesign, the upcoming line-up in some closer future, maybe reveal more. According to new speculations, in the following years, we may see the outstanding details on exterior such as new body frame, use of more combinations of materials and more to come. The frontal fascia will take more futuristic view especially with a new set of lights. The LED technology will be also quite visible from the outside. However, back in 2017, the AC-X concept offered with a double-lever system of steering which was not included in earlier editions.

The maintaining of this novelty did not gain expected reactions, also combining with additions like upper ground clearance and bigger spoilers. The front fascia will have sharper angles with a new grill made of chrome materials. The body frame will be lighter and will take some serious time to expand full capability. The upper ground clearance will be easy for driver and howling system expands its limits.

Honda AC-X concept rear

High-Tech Interior

The interior of the Honda AC-X concept is surprisingly mobile and useful but much overrated. The interior is once said, ore equipped than previous one and this will not refer to a future edition. In this current format, the AC-X has been moderated so it could receive more technical upgrades. The look of the interior had come from fictional structural design. Most of the interior has furnished by luxurious leather materials in optional white color. The newer interior allows the drivers to chose between the auto-drive mode and engine-drive mode.

The most enabled part in the infotainment system. The Honda Sensing package will be available and in future, it will be all-new and with more options in the offer. The steering wheel will be in the upper position so the controls can be easily reachable. The following equipment can be different compared to rivals. The navigation system both with Google + system will be available in order to give a better view of the dashboard.

Honda AC-X concept interior

Honda AC-X concept Engine

The model of Honda AC-X concept engine will be the unique combination which offers two engine options. It is more likely to receive stricter hybrid solutions in a closer future, which is not official. Since the all following models come with powerful four-cylinder power unit with the displacement of 1.6 liters with gaining of 167 hp. The second optimal solution for engine spec is sort of hybrid variant. It will offer the performance in combination with the durable electric motor.

So, when the motor is fully charged the new AC-X will be capable of attaining the maximum velocity of 62 mph. Both of these solutions will pair a 6-speed transmission system. The fuel usage will be economical and reductive because the fuel consumption per kilometer has been reduced. This will also carry the title of the environmental safe engine, with the smooth performance which will not be taken for granted. The most exciting part is preparation for new more improved AC-X.

Honda AC-X concept Price and Release Date

The price for earlier models of Honda AC-X was in the possible range of competitive rivals. The Honda series will always have variations about style, electronics, and technical support. After the release of the upgraded model in 2017, the price for the base model was $37000. Well, it will go beyond $40,000 for the high-end models.

The final countdown will take place after the Honda company confirm its latest speculations about upcoming renewed AC-X in later years. Developing new technology and design, and also expanding the market possibilities, there is a possibility of introducing the US version of AC-X with some similar variations.

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