The main task for Honda this year is to make suitable rivals for its opponents in order to get ready for the new season. The new generation of vehicles may be the true refreshment in the following months as everyone expects. The new arrival is also known as 2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid will take new lineup to the different level. A new version with the hybrid engine will develop performances stronger output with a new form of the engine. The overall intro of this model is depending on this novelty, which will be a great deal for the company.

The launching will take place in Seville, Spain but there is no correct date what so ever. The company decided to ditch the old fuel engine in order to make things more modern, and because of the dieselgate crisis. The company decided to reduce the fuel entirely for the fifth generation of the mid-size SUVs of CR-V’s. this version of CR-V’s will be known as “electrified version” which is now more popular than earlier and much cleaner too.

2019 Honda CR-V hybrid exterior

When will Honda CR-V hybrid be available?

Since the premier launching back in 1995, the original Honda CR-V was one of the best selling Honda products in the compact crossover segment. The development took to encourage several different generations to grove into fully-fledged family SUV. Now, the more technology is advanced the more surprises we can expect from Japanese automaker. The so-called “the fifth generation” of CR-V’s is available starting from February this year.

This will be the most admirable moment for this company with a brown new hybrid mechanism. The price will start from the $37400 for the two-wheel-drive S, with adjustable rising up to $43000 for the four-wheel-drive EX. We think that petrol-electric power is the best way possible to improve the strength and quality of performance in order to create a new suitable Honda powerful vehicle.

2019 Honda CR-V hybrid rear

2019 Honda CR-V hybrid engine

The Honda will make a tough breakthrough with a new set of powertrains for new 2019 Honda CR-V hybrid. This time the success is guaranteed and very expected worldwide. The new engine possibility will have two possible options 1.5-liter petrol of 173 hp and 2.0-hybrid of 184 hp. One detail is important, unlike the rest of the hybrids this one can’t be plugged in to boost batteries. Although the efficiency is immense with the great fuel economy of 53.3 mpg and CO2 emissions of 120 g/km. Four-wheel drive versions manage 51.4 mpg and 126 g/km.

The other interesting fact is that Honda’s new i-MMD hybrid tech made its debut in US-market such as Accord and Odyssey, and the CR-V will take a foot in Europe first. The main goal is to approach the very strong sell of this model by 2025. The i-MMD will use the 2.0-liter engine with two electric motors. Depending on road conditions, it automatically switches between three modes: Hybrid, EV, and engine. The hybrid will use the engine to power the generator which in turn drives the electric motor, which will use the boost from batteries. EV is fully electric with a range of 1.2 miles when fully charged with using petrol power.

2019 Honda CR-V hybrid engine

Interior Redesign

There will be some of the adjustments regarding the 2019 Honda CR-V hybrid interior. The overall interior is spacious and very much furnished in new materials and design. There we can notice steering wheel adjustments, and with electrical lumbar support for the driver’s seat is standard across the range. The driving position is also a better deal of comfort with a great view and a comfortable seat. The highlight in the infotainment system is a new 7-inch touch screen which responses faster in complicated menus and distracting driver to the screen.  However, the rear occupants can set reclining seats and create more of legroom.

The new CR-V doe does not have the thirds seat, although the beneath them are plenty storage for batteries. For the rest of the passengers wouldn’t be the problem the car is still the way to comfortable. The Honda sensing is available and combining trim levels, we can see some differences in the offer. The navigation and safety systems are always on a good run and there will be the Google+ support as well. Especially in Japan, this feature is more than useful. The luggage space will also be larger, as well as the ground clearance.

2019 Honda CR-V hybrid Release Date in the USA

The USA version of this model will be quite interesting. However, the first CR-V hybrid is the model US buyers expect eagerly. It will be available in Europe first and probably after in other parts of the world. The long-awaited and ideal for American roads, the new hybrid version will definitely happen in 2019 season. Nevertheless, the US audience will have to deal the pressure and wait for the car show in New Jersey. There is the possibility of changing the nameplate for the USA market, but nothing is official yet.

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