Since the current vehicle suffered some minor adjustment in the last period, the designers are decided that is time to make some new changes and expand the current offer. The new 2019 Honda Fit Turbo will be the unique model with different dimensions and overall appearance. The new Fit will be a nice combination of capable platform and fast set of engines. With new series and variations, this Fit will tent to emerge the quality in new construction.

This car will be less sporty but fast though, and there are some problems which are supposed to be managed through the next generations. So the new 2019 Honda Fit Turbo will suffer the update in this year. The ending result is going to be a reliable car with fuel savings and fast motor. We still do not have the official announcement yet, but it seems to be then more than mild refreshment. This will be supposed to look like a new sort of car with new features in the offer.

2019 Honda Fit Turbo side

2019 Honda Fit Turbo Platform

There are so many new things which are involved with new 2019 Honda Fit Turbo. So, most of the changes will suffer in platform base, since the current one share the same platform as City. This will deliver the chases derived from the Civic which will take better composure of materials. The new platform will be built based on the stronger materials as steel with the lower center of gravity. The final achievement will be a platform with less weight, better structure and with better NVH levels.

With the new platform, thE 2019 Honda Fit Turbo will be able to have different running gear with the independent rear end. The latter would elevate the way the car drives without any drawbacks. The new wheelbase will also appear to increase the new car, while the track width should change as well. The body frame will be more elastic which is good since the new platform will most likely have better mobility.

2019 Honda Fit Turbo interior

2019 Honda Fit Turbo Design

The current model has many disses, and one of them besides the platform is interior. Although the entrance has space and a nice schedule, the controls are not easy to use. So as the releasing refreshment about new 2019 Honda Fit Turbo design, we could claim that controls are replaced by a true set of physical buttons. They may not look so much attractive, however, they will definitely give the driver a much easier time when using them. The infotainment system will also suffer some major changes.

So, this is closely connected with their latest version. As far about the design, it is sure that it will suffer some changes in future, in overall line-up. It is rumored that Honda wants to new Fit be closer to Civic, even though there were many differences in earlier years. New Fit will receive a new set of swept-back headlights, larger grille, and aggressive bumper intakes.  The ground clearance will tend to remain untouched, however, by changing platform maybe it will raise in few cms. The wheels will have aluminum parts where we could notice a new design and better quality.

2019 Honda Fit Turbo engine

2019 Honda Fit Turbo Engine Options

The engine of 2019 Honda Fit Turbo is still under the question mark. Some of the rumors are telling us about hybrid version and other telling us about two possible variations of the engine. It is suggested that base motor will be empowered by 1.5 liters naturally aspirated mill as before. With 130 HP and 114, lb-ft will give enough performance to satisfy the curiosity of consumers. However, for those who are seeking full speed indulge, there is also the second option. This should be the 1.0-liter turbo-three unit which is known to make results between 110-130 HP and 140 lb-ft of torque.

However, this will be similar to a larger engine, it should provide better fuel efficiency as well as a more relaxed driving experience thanks to extra torque. There is also the possibility of the automatic engine, but before the launching date, all options are still an option. With new signs of an update, the new engine spec will likely be more environmentally safe with more quality materials inside.

2019 Honda Fit Turbo rear

2019 Honda Fit Turbo Release Date and Price

Even nothing is confirmed yet, the Japanese company will most likely announce their arrivals in the upcoming auto show. The final launching is expected for this year in following months, probably in spring months. The estimated price for 2019 Honda Fit Turbo base units will be about $17.000 for models with basic equipment and infotainment system. The most expensive model will go up to $21.000 with all additions planned.

This is just a comparison with current models, although the final announcement about the price will come at the same time as the releasing. The promotional part is still in air via social networks and fan pages.

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