Back in 2014, we had an opportunity to see a new series of Honda sedans. After that period, sell department rises and demands are higher. The most waited is the upcoming 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid with new sort of engine and interesting design. The family sedan is transformed into a slightly sporty vehicle with 4doors and bigger dimensions. The redesign has suffers many cosmetic changes and especially in engine part. The performing skills upgrade in any way, so we can expect a new smooth performance.

This vehicle will look very appealing in public, especially in multiple color choice.  This mid-size family sedan will be ideal for shorter trips and everyday needs. Comparing to predecessors, this model will surely be one of the most improved hybrid models in the past ten years. The demanding are always high especially for the European market. Japanese technology has one of a king quality program with a high percentage of modern technology at affordable prices. And such, Honda is one of the leading companies in the modern car industry.

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid exterior

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Design

New appearance will be specific for the new 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid. Introducing new materials and technologies is not strange for Honda. Lighter materials as aluminum with chrome protection alongside with inner materials are giving the design full equipment and quality note. Dimensions are bigger with sharper angles.

The line of a car in narrow lines will be followed with many cosmetic additions. Without a doubt, this eye-catching model is one of a kind. In the domestic industry, this type will cost a fortune, and with Honda Sensing, infotainment system will try to define the real state of affordability.

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid rear

Exterior Features

The main novelty concerning the new 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid is dimensions. Comparing to the predecessor, the new edition will arrive as slightly shorter lines. This sedan is supposed to be widened with lowered hood. This model will gain more aerodynamics and longer wheelbase. The active grille will be slightly different with the base logo on it centered. A more attractive than it was at predecessor is 19-inch alloy wheels and in every trim level, the cosmetic features are better and better.

At the EX-trim level we could notice a black alloy wheel in the offer, and at upper ones even chrome alloy wheels. The usage of LED technology is not the exception since this model adds rear spoiler LED fog lights. The Touring trim level offers LED headlights and adaptive dampers. The new look will offer an aggressive front fascia also combined with darkened glasses and a bolder grille.

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid front

Spacious Interior

As a spacious modern vehicle, the new 2020 Honda Accord will have its positive ways in order to give more safety while driving. The inner space is well furnished with leather materials and other decorations and technical support. The updated features are Android Auto Apple CarPlay also with the navigation system and head-up display.

The controls layout is improved so the schedule in the cabin has a more logical order. According to this, new Accord will receive an additional 16.7 cubic feet of trunk space. The folding rear seats are intact so there would be enough room for bigger stuff. The safety measures are in high level with also involving stronger breaking system and navigation.

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Engine Info

The engine of 2020 Honda Accord hybrid will belong to technology made for new generations. However, this would mean better powertrain and stronger performance. The new engine is going to be efficient and new hybrid drivetrain is going to have more electrical assistance in the strongest output. The fuel economy delivers 49 mpg in the city and 47 mpg on highways, and CVT transmission will be available as a standard. However, the following vehicle will have nice and smooth performance, with two engines available.

The main solution is going to be a 2.0 liter inline-4 with 143hp and 129 lb-ft of torque to start the generator. Another engine spec could deliver a 201-hp electric force. Maximum combined output supposed to be about 212 hp. Both power plants can run the engine independently or when the throttle is centered at higher speed. This engine will have significant fuel resumption and savings which impacts the overall system and line-up.

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Price

Although there is no certain data about the price, the new 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid will have an affordable price for base units in general, without other additions. The upper trim levels will have a higher price also regarding the technology involved and other cosmetic additions. The base models will cost around $24500 with test drive included and safety measures within. New specs additional specs will have better fuel consumption which is one of the best offers for this type of vehicle. The family car is well known in Europe and USA.

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