Although the Honda industry has prepared so many new things the next few arrivals will try to make the market more competitive and interesting. The next generation of the 2020 Honda CR-Z will try to present the new models to meet the deadline until the summer of the current year. Although the Honda didn’t conferment yet officially, the new CR-Z will have many upper details and far better electronics than the previous one. The engine will suffer some adjustments and there were some rumors about hybrid solutions, but we will wait until the real info.

The design will be futuristic with many new materials in use such as chrome protection and aluminum. The critics say that this vehicle will have a nice start on the USA field since the demanding for this type of vehicle is increased. After discontinuing in 2016, this model is ready to make some serious presentation in the following years. The following data is not so much precise, but according to the latest spy shots, there will be more surprising.

2020 Honda CR-Z TURBO front

Exterior Details

Since there is no much detailed review of the exterior of the new 2020 Honda CR-Z turbo model, there we have some interesting rumors. The new CR-Z will be most likely a successor of the last version of CR-X which will have the great impact onto overall line-up. The main design will have upgraded dimensions with better body frame and lightweight shell. The sophisticated and broad front-end with beautiful mesh grille will be the most eye-catching details on exterior part.

The chromatic stainless range will be in use for the grille design. The frontal bumpers will be in better position with upper headlights. The final result will be a sporty hatchback with a broad metal bottom and nice placed spoiler on the top of the trunk entrance. The vehicle will have a longer platform but this will not effect on future performance. The 17-inch alloy wheels will take a sportier look with upgraded ground clearance as well. New CR-Z will be the ideal and first choice for the family vehicle.

2020 Honda CR-Z TURBO exterior

Interior Redesign

The interior of new 2020 Honda CR-Z TURBO is kept on the secret until some sources let new info on air. The new edition of CR-Z will have a complete redesign interior with lots of new materials in use. The leather seats with agile angles inside will make driving more comfortable and firm. The entrance is spacious also with introducing a new schedule of seats which is more elastic and easier to handle. There will be some variations in interior colors, but the main model will have beige entrance. The steering wheel will have better-equipped dashboard with upgraded controls.

Right next to the steering wheel will be two USB ports which will allow charge and other plugs to the role. Upgraded Honda sensing system will also be one of the novelties, but there are no certain details left to share. We will know more details after the following launching.

2020 Honda CR-Z TURBO interior

CR-Z is Offering a Powerful Turbo Engine

Despite all of the critics say, the new 2020 CR-Z TURBO is tending to be a serious competitor. As far as concerning engine, there is possible o gain two possible solutions for engine powertrain. There is a chance to CR-Z TURBO receive a 2.0liter 4-in series VTEC petroleum engine which has an output of 300 hp and 290lb-ft of torque. As it said before, the final result will be a back-end tire driving a vehicle program as well as 6-rate handbook transmission.

This virtually slows the car, which wouldn’t be a problem since the lighter shell will give more speed in reality. The speed of 60 miles per hour is achieved in 5.5 sec.  It is a little bit slower but nevertheless is quicker than same hatchbacks in the same segment. This type of engine will show positive results. The older 1.5-liter version did not have the strength enough to bring the speed needed. With this engine, fuel consumption is larger and environmentally safe.

2020 Honda CR-Z TURBO Price and Release Date

The price for new 2020 Honda CR-Z TURBO will be between $30,000 for the basic model, and $40,000. The price is not so high compared to some serious invests that designers did to bring a new model. The discontinued version was bigger and with older technology. And now, there is a new opportunity for this type of vehicle. Although is not the secure date of launching, it is expected to be by the end of 2020.

Earlier this year we will see the promotion of prototype. The TURBO edition will be available for the eastern market, and later in Europe and USA. The foreign measures have shown that this type of hatchbacks is popular in the United States. The US buyers especially love its comfort, which is suitable for longer journeys.

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