The new arrivals also known as 2019 Honda Civic SI is ready to prepare its own break on the market area. With more changes, especially the engine area, the design will also prepare passengers for long term use and driving. There will be two versions of Civic Si coupe and sedan. The unique coupe design will tend to make a significant upgrade also being with sportier specs. However, the main reason for launching is a high demand, especially in the European market.

This vehicle will be one of the most luxurious ones in this segment. With high invests and quality materials, the new vehicle will serve in various types of fields. Available in various color options and packages, the price will be affordable and very much promoted. The major upgrades are visible in exterior and performance, and correct numbers are yet to be tested. The model is furious and way too comfortable for every passionate driver.

2019 Honda Civic SI Coupe exterior

2019 Honda Civic SI Coupe Exterior

The exterior of new 2019 Honda Civic SI will tend to have more aggressive looks and fierce appearance. The most wanted coupe is finally at the exhibition and according to spy shots, we believe that not so many details are changes from outside compared with the sedan. The black front grille and a rear wing spoiler on the back will look very sporty and classic at the same time both on highway or driveway. The ground clearance would not change as much as 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels in the offer.

The rear wing spoiler looks dashing and very competitive. The main role is to keep the vehicle on the ground while the high speed is in rare. This is a real treat for true fans. The model is available in tonic yellow color option, and both versions are modified to endure the high weather conditions. The body is made of stronger materials like steel and aluminum which gives stamina required. The LED technology is also included in exterior features, from both sides as well.

2019 Honda Civic SI Coupe rear

Interior Upgrades

The new 2019 Honda Civic SI will receive a noticeable upgrade especially due to the infotainment system. The entrance, although it is a two-seater, is comfortable with numerous gadgets which are available both for driver and passenger. The leather seats are available with another option – the microfiber upholstery. In the cabin, we can notice the LED lighting system also combined with blackened glasses inside. Inside is aluminum shift know, which makes shifting more secure and precise. The seats will have noticeable red stitch which gives sportier eye-catching moment.

The Honda Sensing package will also be available in the basic package and also with other additions. The LCD screen will be wider with specific notes while driving. The new gadgets such as USB ports and Google+ navigation will also be included in their safety measures. The interior also offers larger cup-holders and more intuitive controls on the steering wheel and an updated switch for activating the emergency brake.

2019 Honda Civic SI Coupe interior

2019 Honda Civic SI Coupe Performance

The unique and quality performing skills are always there with Honda engines. Whether hybrid or turbo versions, advantages are the same – high quality and superb performance. The new 2019 Honda Civic SI will tend to gather all those performing activities in one group which will be available only in 6-speed transmission mode. As far as concerning the coupe, although smaller but effective, the performing skills according to the test are positive in both fields.

The introducing of ADS system will be very encouraging and to adjust the damping force for true driving comfort. In SPORT mode ADS tunes the suspension to deliver precision around every turn. In NORMAL mode it provides softer ride damping. The engine available will be 1.5 liters 16-valve 4-cylinder engine mill. This model will be able to pump out of 205 hp delivering 192 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Honda Civic SI Coupe Price and Release Date

The new 2019 Honda Civic SI COUPE will be mainly available in the eastern market and then in worldwide mainly European. Buyers in the USA market are mainly looking for sedans and SUVs. The following details are not official from the company itself, but the first estimations are probably correct for base units. The base model will cost closely about $21200 without any further investments.

Regarding the engine, the new performance will have higher boost by 10% comparing to the previous model. The center exhaust finisher will be creating the perfect outlet for all type of driving. The launching date will supposed to happen by the end of 2019. The company will have enough time to confirm many new speculations and to give more details. Also, we can’t wait to see if diesel and hybrid versions are happening later this season.

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