The arrival of new crossovers is always exciting in the car world, especially from Japanese Honda. The most interesting and sell boosted models is HR-V editions of Honda. The carmaker has decided with the loyal designer to make another arrangement. Since the sale revenue was constant and successful, the tradition will continue by improving new crossover for new generations as 2020 Honda HR-V. This would mean that the new vehicle will receive some facelift and definitely upgraded performance.

The spy shots are taken in South America where is going to be tested for their highways. The main target is definitely the USA but also in Europe too. The main changes are mainly regarded to facelift and engine spec. the similar row of lights we had in the previous model so the new one will be classic and sporty. New colors and design will come in front with a new appearance with an affordable mechanism of use. The shape is of classical crossover with slight elegance which is more traditional in this segment.

2020 Honda HR-V front

2020 Honda HR-V Facelift

The new arrivals will offer a significant offer which can’t be refused. The exterior of the new 2020 Honda HR-V will suffer major facelift exceptionally the back part. There will be redesigned front fascia with a new row of lights above. The details of the exterior are not visible from the distance which makes him the perfect silhouette. The materials in use were lighter than in the current model. The construction made of aluminum and steel will definitely increase the performing skills and make driving more comfortable.

The additions in LED technology will be the priority with upgraded rows of lights in the tailgate. These lights are useful for everyday needs, especially against the sharp weather. The ground clearance should remain the same especially with chrome aluminum wheels which ought to go to the 17-inches max in this segment. The new tires will be supposed to be lighter with firm rubber jack to endure the pressure in a stronger performance.

2020 Honda HR-V interior

2020 Honda HR-V Inner Cosmetic Changes

The new interior of 2020 Honda HR-V will probably suffer major changes. This is not so much pampered since the editions are relatively new and there will be maybe several trim packages available with the new edition. Besides the spacious interior which contains enough room for five people, this SUV is more equipped than the current one. The seats with leather upholstery will have a special bending system which is available even at the base models.

The infotainment system of the 2020 Honda HR-V is real refreshment since the Honda Sensing will receive the minor update which will be quite useful to iPhone users. The new Apple CarPlay service can provide an easier connection with the internet and WiFi. The higher safety system is also available in modern age especially the airbags and new programs. At the steering wheel, we could expect a 7-inch LCD screen with previously installed safety programs and navigation maps.

2020 Honda HR-V side

2020 Honda HR-V Engine Specs

There will be several phases of engine specs for new 2020 Honda HR-V, especially for SUV segment. The base one will be 1.8-liter four-cylinder drivetrain which is capable of providing 140 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque. Being registered in the SUV segment we could also add increased fuel reduction and overall good fuel economy.

Power will go through the CVT transmission to front wheels, and this will particularly be planted in Sports AWD SUV. At the front-wheel-drive returns 28/35 mpg, where the AWD drops the gas mileage at 29 mpg combined. Honda will boost its performance especially delivering a new design which will impact the driving.

2020 Honda HR-V Turbo and Hybrid engine option

The Turbo solution is going to be available for the season of 2020, however, there is no certain date in which we could predict. The engine for this edition is going to be a turbo-four unit with the ability to produce 175 hp. The 1.5-liter will be available in this section and containing the ability to save energy. Mated with the CVT transmission, it can deliver 190 hp, and Turbo could offer upgraded fuel economy. It can also provide 2WD around 30 mpg combined.

The subcompact crossover will definitely have another engine spec in order to receive the hybrid upgrade. This will mean the better outgoing performance and most likely energy savings. Its engine will be 1.8-liter European or 1.5-liter base engine with electric parts inside of the engine. There are no much details about hybrid spec and after official confirmation, we will be able to discover more details.

2020 Honda HR-V rear

2020 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price

New arrivals are very popular, especially at the Honda SUV segment area. There will be more information after the final launching of this model which could take place in mid-2020 in Japan. The eastern market will have the specific premiere of a 2020 Honda HR-V. Especially the hybrid engine spec. with the redesigned appearance and upgraded technology, there is surely one of the best offers in the past ten years.

The base model of the 2020 Honda HR-V will have a starting price of $21.000, and regarding the drivetrain, it could be going to the $30.000.

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