New arrivals are pretty much familiar to the worldwide audience. So, with that in mind, new Acura RDX Type-S is heading to show new offers. Creating a new luxury sedan, Honda will try to invest as much as possible to the new order of editions prepared for new generations. The Japanese carmaker decided to expand sporty A-spec trim. Currently, there are ILX and TLX sedans. RDX is the next one. This will start with the upcoming compact luxury SUV, and with the new prototype, Acura will bring back once popular Type-S.

With introducing new editions, there is a rumor about to have new high-performance turbocharged V6 powerplant. The main task is to produce a new engine which will be able to provide upgraded performance and better energy output. The engineers will use another technology to create an engine with turbos to boost performance by reducing fuel economy. This model will be more competitive in this segment which is the most demanding segment in USA market.

Acura RDX Type-S

Acura RDX Type-S Interior Redesign

The Acura RDX Type-S will have a quite interesting interior as much as the second generation has. The seatings are covered with leather materials and there is automatic climate control. The updated sound system will be available on the model of the latest generations and there will be options of input of USB ports. The main interior to get an optional Technology package, especially in RLX sedans editions.

The package will include many advantages such as Acura’s navigation systems with rearview camera and real-time traffic monitoring. This also includes a 10-speaker ELS Surround system with DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound. All the ELS operation can be controlled by voice command which is referring to navigation commands. The driver can receive calls without any difficulties. The tailgate opens over six-feet high and 60/40 rear seatbacks fold down for a flat cargo area. The cabin includes several storage areas including a center console which can hold a standard laptop computer.

Acura RDX Type-S interior

Acura RDX Type-S Safety Is High

The Acura RDX Type-S is going to have one of the best ACE body structure which is designed to absorb the energy from a collision. The new Type-S will also come with six airbags with dual front airbags, front side airbags, and dual side curtain airbags. Front seat will have active head restrings and seat belts are mounted of pre-tensioners and force limiters. Back at the test by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration got 5-star ratings in this segment, beating rivals ahead. Back then, the tests have increased the value of the engine specs and package trim levels which were offered for the base model.

Acura RDX Type-S side

Acura RDX Type-S Engine Specs and Transmission

Comparing to predecessors, the new Acura RDX Type-S engine will be much easier to develop engines which would add more torque with stronger output with fuel reduce. However, the first generation of RDX had turbocharged gasoline engines. In some cases, there was 2.3 liter straight-4 K231A1 engine with all-aluminum construction and an i-VTEC head and dual balance shafts. This was the only four-cylinder powered by luxury SUVs of its generation. Honda will most likely use a turbocharger to reduce turbo lag using a valve to narrow the exhaust passage at low rpm which increases the velocity of the exhaust flow.

The engine gives the output of 240 HP at 6000 rpm with 260 lb-ft of torque at 4,500rpm. The EPA estimated fuel mileage as 19 mpg at the city and 23 mpg highways. Driving style will also affect the engine. Also, the uphill driving and accelerations can increase turbo usage to increase torque output to the SH-AWD system because of bigger fuel consumption.

The Acura RDX Type-S will come with five-speed automatic transmission and manual shift capability, activated by paddles on steering wheel. The Type-S has higher shift and quicker downshifts and in Sports trim level puts the transmission in manual mode. The newest Acura RDX Type-S model will be available in AWD option which is mainly seen on the flagship RL sedan. The system can vary the front/rear torque from 90/10 to 30/70 depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, cruising or climbing. When it’s curving, a pair of magnetic flux clutches in the rear differential and transfers a 100% available rear torque wheel. That torque transfer combined with 1.7% rear over-rotation wheel helps to turn and every occasion.

Acura RDX Type-S rear

Acura RDX Type-S Price And Release Date

There are some of the estimations of the prices which could be the main offer. The new Acura RDX Type-S should cost according to trim levels available among $37.400 to the amazingly $45.500. This will take serious upgrades and additions, but even the base model will have a new Honda Sensing infotainment system.

The most notable of all Acura’s editions the Acura RDX Type-S is one of the sportier editions with a stronger engine. This will take serious investments just to feel the real indulge on highways.

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