The novelty about reviving a long discontinued model is no very encouraging. The designers are not so much involved in this model but there is no wonder what could happen next. There is no official confirmation and decision about the fate of the latest edition of 2020 Honda S2000. This is just a possible outcome of what will happen if someone is brave enough to go in this adventure. This midsize roadster is supposed to receive a significant update for this edition, especially in the engine department. The size will not be the same, especially for modern machines and competition.

This will mean the not only redesigning is going to take the serious update, and that will add other trim levels approachable in a more affordable way. The idea is risky and not so much profitable since there were several discontinued editions. This will represent one of the unique Honda experiments which are unlikely the least popular model in the past decade.

2020 Honda S2000

2020 Honda S2000 Exterior Details

The design of future new 2020 Honda S2000 is going to be very diverse, especially for not knowing what is the best possible outcome. The exterior supposed to be based as the concept car with a unique platform and a new order of exterior details. Imagined as the roadster it is a sportier appearance with dominate frontal part and removable roof top. The platform will be lighter than it was on the predecessor. The materials which are in usage are lighter versions of aluminum and steel for its stamina.

The shape of the body frame will be futuristic with bigger bumpers on the frontal part which will be blended in the exterior. The grille on the 2020 Honda S2000 will be smaller without a logo on a wider surface. The lighting system will add LED technology although the taillights do not have the same size as the frontal ones.

2020 Honda S2000 interior

2020 Honda S2000 Interior

The interior of future 2020 Honda S2000 will be fairly interesting with the updated infotainment system and other technical additions. The spaciousness is certain with greater dimensions than on the previous model. The dashboard will have the same LCD screen instead of a standard one, but this is not official yet.

The seats of the 2020 Honda S2000 will be made of microfiber with red stitches and in upper trim versions, we could expect the leather upholstery. Even its two-door model, the interior will have several variations. Combining with predecessors, even if it comes to the production part we would be first informed.

History of predecessors

The first time that S2000 was introduced in 1999, it was given the AP1 chassis. It featured the front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout with power delivered by 1,997 ccs inline four-cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine. The engine had an output of 247 HP and 161lb-ft of torque. This engine had a six-speed manual transmission and Torsen limited slip differential. In that time, first S2000 achieved results beyond expectations which caused that Honda gives the official announcement about the strongest output so far.

Engine Specs

For the North American market, the updates include a stronger version of the F20C (with the mark F22C1). And the larger engine for this market will give the chassis new name as AP2. The engine stroke designed to push harder and to raise the displacement to the 2,157cc. At the same time, the redline and fuel were reduced to the 8,000 rpm. The torque was also increased to the 160 lb-ft while power output remained unchanged at 237 HP at lower 7,800 rpm.

2020 Honda S2000 engine

2020 Honda S2000 Type S Japanese version

The predecessor of future 2020 Honda S2000 had a nice break out to the domestic market back in 2008-9, when it sold about 1500 units. The production lasted for two years and changes are similar as for the USA market. The lightweight materials and upgraded body frame combined with modern wheels and interior.

The /type S had sizes much smaller than regular vehicle except that this model is a sportier and faster vehicle. The handling is easy and with smaller dimensions, the drive is smooth also following the untouchable performance. This model was popular at that time in Japan, and very interesting, especially for its design and interior.

2020 Honda S2000 Release Date And Price

The critics are not overwhelmed by the statement that a long discontinued model should drop again on the modern market. The possibility that new 2020 Honda S2000 have come for the light is nowadays totally skeptical. The main chairman of the company does not mention anything and before the final confirmation, we can’t say more. The basic thoughts are simple, if the production actually happens, the release date will be familiar by the end of the next year and release we could wait until the beginning of 2021.

The pricing picture is not clear so we could not comment on the actual rage. But knowing the familiar segment, the Honda roadster could have been priced at $40.000 for the base unit.

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