Something quite interesting is going to hit the market in the following months. The new 2019 Honda Super Cub motorcycle has raised from the dead. As we mentioned in some lines before, the outstanding talent of Honda engineers will most likely make this model live again. Inspired by the classic 60s model, the new model will definitely make an eye-catching reaction.

One of the Hondas most selling models is back with redesigned features and more than modern body frame. The very first model ever introduced in the USA was iconic Super Cub 125 and is more than equipped for new generations.

2019 Honda Super Cub

2019 Honda Super Cub New Styling

The styling of the new 2019 Honda Super Cub will be true like original with minor changes on front. The full-coverage has been made with plastic bodywork that flows from the front fender. The leg fairing and solo bicycle seat will be the same with maybe adding more colors. The old wing badging is coming out with installed a drivetrain shroud which keeps dirt and grime off the chain.

This detail was in use years ago, and with new styling inspired by retro details will be fair accepted. The LED lights are present and keyless ignition. Many admirers are excited about releasing a new cycle which will again increase sell flow.

2019 Honda Super Cub side

2019 Honda Super Cub Engine Specs

There were several theories about the new engine of updated model 2019 Honda Super Cub. This model is supposed to be powered by the sane engine 125cc single also as Grom and retro-redux Monkey. This engine will definitely be one of the largest one in the past decade. But regardless of that, this model will be lighter with just 240 pounds.

A four-speed transmission with a centrifugal clutch offers twist-and-go mobility which will ride go smooth and easier to ride. This will be an accessible bike with an estimated speed of 55 mph. The new 2019 Honda Super Cub bike will show how the mutual combination of old fashioned and modern can give a great result.

2019 Honda Super Cub rear

Price And Release Date

The price for new updated 2019 Honda Super Cub will be around $3600 which is not very affordable. However, opponents like 150 cc Vespa Scooter with use of the same engine will probably have the estimated price of $5600. This is a unique opportunity to actually have a modern example of part of Honda history which would not mind the true Honda fans. This model is now available for sale and it worth every dollar.

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