The new arrival with an updated form of CTX line up will definitely offer progress and quality. The updated version of 2019 Honda CTX700 will represent a new volume of the drive unit 670 cubic. The new upgraded model will offer a smooth ride and comfortable riding on highways. With a nice combo of new aggregate at low vibration level, the CTX models should and will offer nice conditions while riding in the city and other environments.

The designers made an outstanding combination of details which can be very similar to the generation of the Gold Wing. This appearance should increase rating points to the low positions of the predecessor CTX700 model.

2019 Honda CTX700

2019 Honda CTX700 Design And Dimension

The chassis of the new 2019 Honda CTX700 will tend to make life easier. The main idea was the tendency that all the drivers with different heights have equally and suitable chassis. This problem with mid-range machines is common, but luckily fixable. This is maybe irritating at some point but the designer had already work the problem.

So the wheelbase of new CTX will be about 1530mm with the seat height of 720mm. So with these dimensions, the rider will have a nice view and more comfortable riding. The seats will accommodate in practice way so the lightness of a bike. The predecessors had amazing sales so there is no doubt that the new model will bet all chances for a greater sale.

2019 Honda CTX700 engine

2019 Honda CTX700 Powertrain

The rumors about new powertrain of 2019 Honda CTX700 will remain unchanged. The engine will be 2-cylinder with 670 cc unit with the classic 6-speed gearbox. The mill is tending to deliver the power of 48 hp/ 36 kW. The ABS braking system is already installed on the motorcycle on the standard feature.

However, models like CTX700D and CTX700ND have an automatic double clutch transmission. Since the body of the bike is already lighter, the riding is almost unnoticeable. There is no further record about new improvement and additions. Especially the new models will have a lot of room for it, so we would see what happens next.

2019 Honda CTX700 side

2019 Honda CTX700 Cost And Availability

The price of a new model of 2019 Honda CTX700 will have different stage regarding the trim level required. The offer will attract many new buyers and especially the younger audience. The price for the model of CTX700N will start from $7000.

The standard model of CTX700 will cost about $800 more. The Honda CTX700ND will cost over $1000 for the following equipment and engine. This will also take an addition to leather seats and better positioning for knees and legs. We can expect the release of the new 2019 Honda CTX700 very soon.

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